Body Language – AG Barr Trump Stone


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Odalys cardona


As a Professional Therapist, your body language readings caught my interest. I found them interesting.

In my 30 years of Social Work experience, I have clients where their body language tells me more than what they say.
This is something that took me years to self train,and still learning.

I found in working with people, there is always a chance of subconsciously favoring one person’s point of view..Thank God, for what I learned as a newbie..keeping track.
Why am I telling you this information? I believe in introducing myself..and I would like to see more videos showing more Views showing the political videos showing both sides of the person’s and people represented.. But, I would like to see a video of your assessments our Representatives both parties., Not favoring either one.
Reviewing and using your experience to be able to as you state in your “vernacular show their “tells” .
I only have access to the “BROWSE” section
You may already show both points in your your Silver and Gold Club sections,for which I am not not able to participate at this time.


Odalys Cardona, M.Ś.,W. L.C.S.W.

Monica Castro

What I wanna know is if bar was being truthful when he said it was difficult to do his job with all of the tweets “under cutting” him.

Los Angeles Attorney

More concerning is Barr’s letter to McCabe’s attorney announcing the investigation into McCabe is closed – all while Durham is investigating, independent of the IG’s softball report. It is possible Durham could uncover (or has uncovered) acts by McCabe that are felonious. Barr’s letter makes no sense. Rather, it is alarming.

On the heels of that rat Jeff Sessions ‘recusing’ himself for over two years, this seems weird, and troubling.

I just cannot see the upside of Barr doing this. The impression it has given is one of cover-up.

Los Angeles Attorney

Great reading for everyone:

The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ:

It’s by Roger Stone, no less. Read it and you’ll see why he is a target of an hysterical, wholly corrupt, and viscious swamp rats infesting our government.

It’s one thing to be corrupt to make money. It’s another thing to sell out our country in the process. We are seeing the latter.


Great book. Being a rifle shooter, the minute I visited Dealy Plaza, I knew that the official explanation was complete BS. Roger also exposed the Bush’s rampant involvement in drug trafficking. They have been trying to take him out for a long time.


they only drop the investigation from the IG… i believe they have opened a new investigation that centers more around the coup and treason…which would actually be a case with a stiff sentence.

Bonnie Hawkins

Thank you. Well done.

I shared to 3 fb fan pages and closed this page.
When I reopen the page here Facebook stats state ‘0’ Shares?
© Soft Treason
The Institute For International Law And Democratic Affairs LLC
and © The Unified Field Theory .Org.
I have a new notification from fb to give them another copy of my
personal ID.
I served under ‘Oath’ many years with people from many nations
who speak of censorship on the people, … and death.
This while Net Neutrality gives safeguards to those who invade our
homes and communicate with our children and the elderly in the
most malicious criminal manner. The international criminals seem to
enjoy their Facebook accounts as “Social Crime” Facebook citizens?
Perhaps something developmental will replace the dysfunctionalist
in Government and in the Social Media. …. Soon would be good!!!
Thanks to All who support the work of this site!
From this simple US Veteran!


Perhaps the President did not specifically as AG Barr to reduce the sentencing recommendations on Roger Stone, but the two of them did a fabulous job of getting rid of Jessie Liu, who was supposedly overseeing the Mueller cases still pending. First the President nominates her for an important job at Treasury. She says she will stay put until she is confirmed by the Senate for the new job. Barr convinces her that they need to fill her position right away due to the cases being at the sentencing stage. She steps down. The President then withdraws her nomination for the new job due to her mishandling of the Mueller cases. Shea, who is her replacement immediately puts the brakes on the outrageous sentencing request of the crooked prosecutors and they quit. Massive swamp drainage executed with military precision. Well done, men!


a thing of beauty

Los Angeles Attorney

“but the two of them did a fabulous job of getting rid of Jessie Liu…”

The ironic thing is, it only took two words: “you’re fired.” It is amazing how easily democrat fire entire departments in the government immediately upon taking the presidency, and yet the GOP is paralyzed when they have the opportunity.

PDJT is a different animal: unlike just about every hack in the GOP (and every single democrat), PDJT puts country first, and wallet second.


Thank you, Mandy. I am relieved to hear that POTUS hadn’t tried to influence or persuade DOJ to do the right thing. Additionally, I worry about POTUS and AG Barr gaining weight. I do wish they’d take better care of themselves – we need their best selves!

Also wish AG Barr would sue Raleigh, Durham, and Charlotte, NC, for their Sheriffs harboring illegal aliens.

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