Body Language – Coronavirus, Chinese Ambassador


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Bob bradley
Everyone here should appreciate this.


Very interesting.


Trust nothing the Chinese government say.
*Watch the documentary One Child Nation to understand communism.


If this virus did originate from animals (ingesting), why wear masks?? Masks only protect from airborne particles (inhaling). Those are two different routes of transmission. 🤔

Susan McCall

I agree Beth – and upon further research, I have discovered that any orifice can receive the ‘germ’ – even eyes?! Plus ya better wear underwear! All these people running around in hazmat suits do have the whole face covered – personally, too much drama for me. I once told a boss when I used to cook and she bartended: (she was extremely paranoid regarding germs): ‘You can’t fight all the germs Pam!’ – I said they are everywhere – on the salt and pepper shakers, on people’s cell phones, on the glasses, etc. When I tell people to load up on Vit A, C, D, and iodine they just look at me as if I grew horns.


The masks most are wearing do not stop the virus. They are to small to be trapped. The masks are helpful in that if they DO have the virus and cough, sneeze etc. It will stop, trap the fluids, cutting down on transmission. You need a very special mask to trap virus, they are not cheap. Plus transmission is claimed to come from fluid from the eyes. I am not a doctor, I gathered this from listening to health professionals. Plus the people infected had a 14 day window they could transmit without any symptoms. That figure has now been increased by several days. The fact is could be from animals (the ultra nasty pig farms and the people who live around them has been rejected. There seems to be way to much early evidence it is man made,. Contains Coronavirus (colds) with SARS (which escaped from the same lab in Wuhan, and became an epidemic, and now they have added HIV to it, which also has “escaped” from Wuhan lab.

Also these level 4 labs are illegal, there are many around the world and in the US. Plum island is not the only one. They are in cities, there is one in one of the cities I live in. IN the city. The man who wrote the legislation to outlaw the labs is speaking about this.

Dr. Francis A. Boyle He has been on many internet shows the past few weeks. Listen to what he says. Google him


With minimal digging the average person can find out about some very horrific things that are going on in China, such as organ harvesting and sale and internment of religious minorities. I have seen first hand the type of espionage they do by infiltrating universities doing sometimes military research with fake students. If you listen to their own hundred year plan, they themselves admit what they are up to. We have been suckers thinking we can change their ways for way too long. Anything is possible and when a Chinese ambassador invokes xenophobia when people have doubts about the source of this virus, you know he is full of it.


Unfortunately, the average American isn’t interested in doing their own research, in any amount. 😔

Bob bradley

Jon Rappoport writes:
During 30 years of investigating “epidemics,” I’ve looked for causes that have nothing to do with the latest and greatest virus.

In other words, what else could be causing the symptoms of the illness?

In the current “coronavirus epidemic,” the one condition that has been emphasized is: pneumonia.

Standard medical texts will tell you that viruses, bacteria, and fungi can cause pneumonia. Add to that, heavily polluted toxic air (as in Wuhan and other Chinese cities). Add in extreme malnutrition. YOU DON’T NEED A CORONAVIRUS TO EXPLAIN CASES OF PNEUMONIA IN CHINA.

All right. So how many deaths from pneumonia occurred in China well before the “appearance of the coronavirus?”

Estimates vary. Here is one, based on an analysis of studies: 2.8 million to 17 million deaths per year. Source: “Pneumonia Incidence and Mortality in Mainland China: Systematic Review of Chinese and English Literature, 1985-2008” (PLoS one, 2010).

his is from Notice the dates—1985-2008, long before the supposed coronavirus showed up. Before 5G technology, before a biowar research lab ramped up in Wuhan.

2.8 million to 17 million deaths. No need for a mysterious virus.

The wide variance in these death numbers is the result of trying to integrate Chinese language and English language studies, the huge expanse of territory in China, the huge population, and possible attempts, within China, to conceal true statistics.

What does all this tell us? It tells us that now, there is a gigantic pool of people with pneumonia, in China, who can be falsely labeled “deaths from the coronavirus.”

And that’s not all. There are other categories of illness that can be merged with pneumonia, in the rush to diagnose people with the coronavirus. I’m talking about “lower lung infections” and “influenza.” The mortality numbers leap even higher.

You might rightly ask, “So why hasn’t pneumonia, all by itself, been labeled an epidemic in China in past years? Why hasn’t the World Health Organization, at the very least, declared a state of emergency for China based on pneumonia?”

You can bet your bottom dollar that, if the “coronavirus epidemic” was said to reach 2 million deaths in China, the entire planet would be locked down tight, and no one anywhere would leave home. Both atheists and end-times prophets would be shouting that the extinction of all human life was upon us. Persons in high places would be meeting and saying the only solution was to nuke Earth and start over.

Let’s consider, for a moment, how easy it would be to label pneumonia outside China with the coronavirus tag. As in, “the virus is spreading everywhere.” Here is a quote: “[Globally] About 200 million cases of viral community-acquired pneumonia occur every year—100 million in children and 100 million in adults.” Lancet, volume 377, ISSUE 9773, P1264-1275, April 09, 2011.

But wait, you say. Pneumonia is only called “coronavirus” if the patient is tested and the virus is discovered. Otherwise, it’s just ordinary pneumonia. —Sorry, it’s not that simple.

First of all, in the pressure of an announced epidemic, all sorts of people who have elevated temperature and general flu-like symptoms will be called coronavirus cases. Metrics people will use computer models to estimate numbers of cases. And even when the most widely used diagnostic tests are done—those tests have serious flaws.

An antibody test, at best, only indicates the patient has come in contact with the virus. It says nothing about whether he is going to become ill. In fact, before 1984, a positive-reading antibody test was generally taken to mean the patient was in good shape. His immune system had defeated the germ in question. But then, after 1984, the science was turned on its head—and a positive test was falsely taken to mean the patient was ill or would soon become ill.

The so-called PCR test (which has many procedural problems and requires expert technicians who will not make mistakes) takes a tiny, tiny sample of what might be a virus from a patient, and blows it up many, many times so it can be observed. However, in order for this virus to actually cause illness, millions and millions of virus particles must be present in the patient’s body. The PCR test says nothing reliable about quantity of virus in a person.

Therefore, even when these tests are done on suspected cases of the coronavirus, they do not result in accurate knowledge about illness and disease.

If you’re beginning to think it’s easy to declare an epidemic and broadcast propaganda about it, you’re right. Take a conventional set of symptoms present in people all over the world, claim a new virus is causing them, and you’re off and running. You can report 500 or 1000 deaths from this virus and people will believe whatever you say or do next. They won’t realize that this set of symptoms has been present in millions and millions of people, for decades or centuries, without the new virus. They won’t realize millions of people have already died without the “new virus.”

Global epidemics solely based on germ-pronouncements, without environmental investigations (contaminated water supplies, open sewage, hunger, starvation, poverty, toxic chemicals, etc.), are industries. They’re business ventures. They’re operations launched to control populations and force them to take vaccines. They’re launched and sustained by professional liars, who’ve refined the old skills of snake oil salesmen through the use of “science,” in order to hypnotize the unwary. And when the vaccine of the moment—as in the Swine Flu epidemic duds of 1976 and 2009—turns out to be quite damaging, the snake oil pros say, “Well, every vaccine can cause rare problems, but all in all, they curb pandemics. We must inject them.”

If you automatically buy that one, you believe pigs can jump over the moon on the backs of cows.

Highly educated people do tend to believe pigs can jump over the moon, when it comes to so-called epidemics. They think, “I admire complex issues. Epidemics and viruses are very complex, and only the well-trained and sophisticated professionals can assess them. Therefore, these pros know what they’re doing. I reject THE SIMPLE.”

But THE SIMPLE is what these people need to know about. Otherwise, it’s still pigs, the moon, cows, and jumping.

“But…but…but this situation in China is NEW and UNPRECEDENTED, as of 2019. It’s never happened before. And the lockdowns and the quarantines…So there must be a new explanation, the coronavirus.”

If necessary, read this article again. The pneumonia-situation is not new. And the lockdowns and quarantines were theatrically laid on AFTER the blaring trumpet announcements of the “epidemic.”

It’s still over the moon.

Addendum: If, as some are claiming, the number of people dying in Wuhan, or other Chinese cities, is suddenly escalating at a furious pace—if this is really true—then look to the environment first: the production of far more polluted air, or the presence of a poisonous chemical.


Wow… thank you for all of that information and reasoning!

Cynthia Banks

My concern is that they don’t want America getting any credit, and it would make it look like China was weak. He is lying, he keeps looking down and away. What does the rapid blinking mean, when he is lying he is blinking? The only want help from the US through the WHO.

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