Body Language – Police Response To Not Investigating Grooming Gangs


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Bryan Gordon

It seems strange to see people who have no emotional connection and no real movement in the bodies when they talk about things that should make people squirm.


Couldn’t get this on Lbry It wasn’t available. I think police have been unable to do their job for so long, by the PC culture, that they have had to wall off their emotions. When common sense returns, I hope, I wonder if they will be able to take that wall down.


We called this ‘Giving Lip Service’. No emoting. Detached. Made me wonder, did he ever connect emotionally to this like a normal human would? Or is he not capable of this, and for what reason. Desensitized or just disconnected. Considering how abhorrently so-called law enforcement handled this and the heinous nature of the crime, what makes anyone behave so detached while making such a statement? Concerning on so many levels. Even by PR standards, he was a bad choice for their police dept statement. Thank you Mandy.


“Asian” grooming gangs. Bending over backwards to be p.c. and engage in denial of the uncomfortable truth. If I was from China, Japan or India, I would be pissed. If law enforcement selectively enforces the law against some groups, but not others, eventually people will take matters into their own hands. Sadly not being labeled “racist”was more important to these fake cops than protecting children from disgusting evil pedophiles. They should be punished.


Go compare this media address with media addresses regarding hate crime laws…. I tried to find some but google would not let me find any but there is so much more passion when it comes to fighting those pesky people online that write nasty things about gender dysphoria


Sad and discouraging, isn’t it?


Let us not forget the “social workers” and “carers” who were so useless! A lot of this goes back to the “children’s right to chose” ideology of the early 70s.

Cheryl Cooper

So sad that this will continue without consequences because they are afraid of the people that do this!


Theyre not afraid of the perpetrators… I suspect they are afraid of being labeled racist. That mind set used to be in the usa. People over compensated to not appear racist. Crime grew out of control. you can almost see when people quit caring by watching crime stats.


Exactly… they are afraid of the 3am knock at the door when they come to check your thinking! Tommy being jailed like he was is a political act by the secret sharia police to make sure you never go out and protest against a Muslim


The ‘Flat Foot Rozzers’ were useless even when I was a kid living over there in 1961-1965. Beaten up by a Gang? The poor darlings were from a ‘Broken Family’ so they are exempt from laws. Looking at that soulless goon with his ‘Gongs’ (For what? Consistently supplementing revenue goals with parking tickets?) nothing has changed.

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