Body Language – Trump & Benjamin Netanyahu Relationship


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Theo Colettis

Sorry the last text was messed up,
These videos from Glen Beck of Blaze TV can help everyone understand what has been happening the last 4 years
Part 3


&t=38s BBBBIIIGGGG bombshell at the end
Part 2


Ripping to shreds the news media and debunking the leftist narrative
Part 1


Timeline of events up to Ukraine call with new audio about Hillary
Twitter has been lightening up about these in the last few days
The investigation has already happened, they are making an announcement soon of Durham Report and Senate testimony is happening
Skip the intros by Glen Beck to get to the juicy stuff, about 1 hour+ long on each video
This is like Iran-Contra 2.0 even bigger Everything makes sense now, they are trying to save their skin




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Robert Vliegenthart

Always awesome videos, keep up the great work!

Bryan Gordon

Why are these two people supposedly deciding everything for the Palestinians too?


America is nothing more than a gravy train for Israel and the Holocaust is a great ‘guilt’ leverage for some reason (as if America had the Gas Chambers and not Germany). In Europe the Holocaust is rarely mentioned.
I wonder how much the current Dem vendetta against Trump has impacted these talks. Is it going to be spun and used against him as another Quid Pro Quo?


Bless Bibi’s heart… he was so uncomfortable there. 😇 As for Trump, I hope he was simply oblivious to Bibi’s stress rather than ignoring it. 😔


My read is that Trump knows that there is zero chance the Palestinians will accept any deal until their gravy train of foreign aid is cut off. They receive more foreign aid than any area their size on earth by not being at peace with Israel. Not that it helps the people. Abbas is probably using the same Swiss bank as Arafat.


THis stress is between bibi and trump… i did not want to say in this video…but it is very telling that trump not only invited bibi…but also bibi’s contender in their elections. Bibi has lost control in all 3 elections and each time he nixs the election and calls for a new one in hopes of the people voting ‘correctly’. bibi also got caught spying on Trump. quite telling that between the first meeting after becoming president to today, that Trump does not even visit bibi in 3 years.


Hopefully, Trump got wise to Nutty Yahoo, just like he did with John Bolton.


Definitely frosty. Mossad certainly has a lengthy history of espionage in the US.


Jared went to Israel and lived in a Kabbutz when he was growing up. Nutty spent a great deal of his youth growing up in the US. Jared and Nutty have been close for some Time I understand.

An Intelligence official has stated this indicates Jared received Mo sad indoctrination, training.

The story of Ivanka and Jared is a little on the bizarre side. And stories claim Trump was not happy. Add in the spying part, Jared, Nutty being indicted and most likely on his way out, and Trump may have put the pieces together.

What to make of Jared ‘s position when this plan fails, and so far it has badly. Do you know the story of Nutty’s brother and a raid where his brother was killed, quite famous. He was a rising star..

Find out about how it was Ruppert Murdoch and his very young wife who were responsible for pushing Ivanka to marry Jared. She was not sure about being orthodox. After their intervention Ivanka changed her mind is what I have found.

Lets repeat that, Rupert Murdock


BB has been indicted so that might make Trump standoffish?


That was a very interesting analysis! There are a lot of bad things happening with the Israeli Prime Minister and that his rival in the upcoming election is also involved in this peace deal says something, too. Now that we have info about the plan, (thankfully imo, it’s a two state solution) the big issue is getting the Palestinians to agree to it. Considering the their mistrust after what has been done to them over the years, the Palestinians might smell a rat, even if there isn’t one. That might also account for Trump’s serious tone and the Israeli PM’s discomfort. Glad you did this one, Mandy!

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