Body Language – House Managers Vs Trump’s Defense Team


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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frank papandrea

OMG last night Shiff was trying to silence Nadler, you were on the money


It is interesting that Seculow doesn’t feel the need to have a group of cohorts standing behind him to give him a sense of group support. I wish Sekulow hadn’t kept repeating “Danger! Danger! Danger!” so many times. I found myself cringing. It sounded like that robot on some SiFi TV series years ago where the robot is waving its arms around.

Eileen Guthrie

The woman your referring to in the blue is Rep. Zoe Lofgren from California’s 19th district (San Jose). She has more impeachment-related experience than perhaps any lawmaker in Washington. It’s why Pelosi chose her. She was a staffer for the Judiciary Committee during the impeachment inquiry into Richard Nixon, and was a member of the panel during Bill Clinton’s impeachment in 1998. She ran for chair of the Judiciary Committee ahead of the swearing-in of the new Congress in 2019, but lost the race to Nadler. She’s running for her 14th term.

I think Schiffless is a control freak, he shows all of the signs of one, especially when he pushes Nadler away. Anyone who has had a control freak in their life will recognize the signs of a control freak. I think Schiff wanted to put his hand up Nadler’s back like a puppet, telling him what to say. I agree Nadler doesn’t look well or healthy. He’s not reading from his notes either. He stood there shuffling his papers around while Schiff was talking and now, he’s just talking off the fly not even reading from his notes or prepared speech. I saw Jerry a few days ago and he had a grayish-green pallor to his skin. Now, he’s so pale. That’s not good.

They were NOT subpoena’s you moron, and I wish they would stop saying they were. To issue a subpoena, and a court clerk or a prosecutor can issue one, but just like obtaining a warrant, you need to show proof. Look the House ignore the rules and procedures because they had no evidence and that’s why they couldn’t obtain subpoenas. What they sent instead were letters to appear and letters hold no legal weight nor penalty. I have 16 lawyers in my family. I’ve known the difference my whole life.

On a side note Q said there will be a funeral soon. I thought it was RBG or Jimmy Carter now I’m thinking it’s Jerry. WOW.

The irony in all of this is… you’ll be glad to know that these seven House managers voted against giving aid to the Ukraine. I guess they thought blankets were enough.

frank papandrea

I’ll say this again, this is all BS, if they want to protect the security of Ukraine and therefore the security of the US then make Ukraine a member of NATO. Otherwise,

STOP, the jayhawks or whatever we are sending Ukraine wouldn’t do a thing if Russia REALLLLY wanted to take over the Ukraine.

What did Kramer say, “The Ukraine is a sitting duck, the Ukraine is weak, a road apple, it’s feable.”

AND if I’m not mistaken 4 Dems did not vote for aid!!! Spare me, this is harassment pure and simple to go on thru to prior to the Dem election.

Didi Arte

Schiff is TIRELESS and relentless in his hatred and BS. He lies easily–so very easily. Nadler is NOT doing well. Plus his wife is dealing with cancer. And he has a deep, personal and historical hatred for POTUS. All this seems to add to the bitterness and hatred in his rhetoric. I feel he just needs to rest deeply but can’t get out of this fine kettle of fish that the Wicked Witch of the West, Pelosi, has gotten him and the rest of her flying monkeys into. But I will say one thing, that I believe that Schiff is behind almost everything Pelosi says and does these days. That makes him the lead flying monkey.


Not to long ago Nadler was on FOX on his face, eyes up he was white and eyes down he was really red. Looked odd. Either the makeup person hates him or he’s got some dreaded zebra disease.


I had to turn Schiff and company off- was feeling the stress of lie after lie, and wondering how we’ve gotten to this point in our nation: calling our president a dictator (so that’s what Nadler really wants to be), a racist Grand Wizard from Jeffries, Hillary calling millions of Americans deplorables and irredeemable . . .makes me sick to my stomach.And now watch some dumb Republican senators fall for the “Bolton” gambit and thinking about calling him as a witness. Such timing from the NYT to publish unsubstantiated “quotes” from Bolton’s manuscript, which is at the NSC for vetting, and guess whose twin brother is part of that division of the NSC? Yep, Vindman.


I have said from the beginning how thankful I am that Jay Sekulow is part of Trump’s legal team. He has a sharp legal mind and is an intelligent person with strong ethics and integrity.

Nadler, meanwhile, literally looks like he is struggling to stay alive. :-/ Yes, I am aware about his wife’s ill health, but he also presents as someone who is unwell.

Schiff is clearly very comfortable using his body to bully others.

Thanks for doing this assessment, Mandy! May God guide these proceedings and the truth come out.


Not strictly relevant – but have a laugh anyway;
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Your description of Schiffs’ OCD-like controlling and micromanaging impulses fits well with the profile of people who are involved in the kind of activities that he is rumored to be involved in at the Standard Hotel and Chateau Marmot. One thing is for sure, the most dangerous place to be in any room with Adam “Sack of” Schiff is between him and a microphone or camera. I kept thinking looking at that group of completely repugnant and repulsive individuals-:” so this is the best face the democrat party has to put forward?” Thanks for putting Jay on at the end. It helped me keep my lunch down.


You are awesome at this. Thank you so much. I was hoping you would do this one Mandy. I love what you chose to point out. Learned a lot on this one and found it very helpful and interesting. . Watching what you see , i realize how much more observant i could be than normally am with body language and any observations.. For example, as obvious at it was, once you pointed out Schiff’s body responses while Nadler was speaking, i didn’t even notice it when I first saw this video before i saw it here. When you pointed it out I was so amazed at how aggressive he was with his body language even while trying to control it. When finally it did get to where he really practically pushed Nadler off the podium—how revealing is that of how little respect they have even towards each other , as well as the president. What a motley crew…It;s comical at same time that it is also disturbing that that is what we have representing us!.


Man oh, man, talk about beating a dead horse, the Democrats have horse meat on the hoof.


FYI: Nadler had just learned that his wife was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and he will be taking a few days off from the Shiff Show as a result. That was probably the reason for his body language when he was so distracted and caressed the wood. On another note, isn’t it amazing how “upset” these people are about Ukraine not getting the much needed weapons a lot sooner? I mean think about it. Obama wouldn’t bother giving them what they needed, plus the fact that ALL of these bozo dems voted against Trump’s giving Ukraine those weapons, seems to expose the Shiff Show for what it really is.


i think the wife was just a cover for his own illness… FYI They have found viruses cause cancer. Viruses are transmittable. I dont know if its true about his wife. they may both have it. but Nadler is definitely going down hill fast.


Nadler has passed out before and he looked to me like he is sick and weak himself too. Looks white as a ghost.


And they don’t really give a d&^% about Ukraine.

Susan McCall

Besides making poor health/lifestyle decisions, the sneaky stress factor can kill ‘ya. Say Mandy? Could you do a reading on Patsy Ramsey some day just to prove what stress can do to a person? Recap of Patsy: found her daughter in the home in 1996 – ten years later, Patsy died at 49 taking the secret with her. (well, I believe she knew what happened). Then ‘dr phil’ did a big deal on tv but nothing was accomplished on that big production.

It will be interesting to watch what strokes, or sicknesses develop after this impeachment hearing is over. ruth gingsburg, nadler, are two examples of the walking dead.

alie fox

I’m flabbergasted with Adam Schiff’s behavior as he literally pushes Jerry Nadler away from the podium. 😮


I think your correct about Jerry Nadler, he had a lot of makeup on, including blush on his cheeks. He looked like a corpse. What I never understand, is why these people aren’t retired somewhere enjoying the rest of what they have left of life instead of pushing hate onto the American people. Biden def has dementia or something close to, Pelosi even worst shape.

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