Body Language – Davos 2020 Trump & Iraqi President Barham Salih


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Gen. Stewart

Iraq presidents left foot always pointing to Trump. The men that was with him,all hands were clasped while trumps men,all hands open,palms down on thighs. Trumps edge of seat meaning, very interested in what is being said.Trump’s hands making steeple of confidence while right foot slightly pointing to Iraq President. I think the chair wasn’t comfortable.Deep seat ,high tight armrests.The Iraq Presidents lower body relaxed with open legs,knee pointing to Trump. Upper body constantly taking different uncomfortable positions.


Great study of the differences between the first and second presidents with our President. Thanks, Mandy!


Funny how the mistakes of the 1920’s are still having consequences. Once the Ottoman Empire folded, the victors decided that lines could be drawn on a map, ignoring the fact that that the people of the region are incredibly tribal and often, by definition, homicidally intolerant of sectarian religious differences. Into this minefield strides President Trump. I do give him more credit than many of his predecessors, for at least trying to understand what the situation actually is instead of attempting to Americanize them (will never happen) or dominate the area with military force (impossible due to never ending insurgency and tribalism). I wish him luck, at least he is more realistic than most of the idiots who have held his job.

Gen. Stewart

Spot on ,my friend !

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