Body Language – Lev Parnas, Corruption & Ukraine


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Linda Wilson

His Attorney has some dead ass eyes. I mean evil. Lev is lying out his ass. The Deep State probably gave him a deal as long as he follows the script.

Monica Castro

Oh yeah, that was quick to get blocked by YouTube. They say copyright infringement but that can only happen if the content hasn’t been changed in any way. Smh.
I gotta take these classes. I’m too trusting.
I want Mandy to be at that circle for sure. smile


The latest in a long series of shady individuals directed by the SDNY to compose false allegations about the President and his associates.( think gestapo) There are no good guys in Ukraine. The ambassador was corrupt and running interference for Soros GMO’s. Numerous government officials are desperate to hide the bribes they took through family members. The President is a fundamental threat to the congressional money laundering of foreign aid that has been going on for decades. Why else would we be borrowing money from China to give to Ukraine? The usual vigorish is 20% laundered through fake jobs for family members, book deals and political contributions laundered through PACs and Soros GMO’s. Lev’s pathetic attempt at a combover makes him even less believable. Thanks, Mandy.

frank papandrea

i don’t care, pay for play has been part of the US political landscape forever by both parties.

If US citizens would only think…how do Presidents become multi-millionaires when their salary is only 250K???
Obama was a community organizer before Senator, and I watched C Span Senate coverage ( I know I am boring) and no one, yes no one ever spoke to him on the floor. Yet he is buying a multi million dollar home.

Stop the insanity.

The middle of the electorate, the group that actually elects Presidents, know this and don’t care. If their wallet is full and the bills are paid, food on the table and a secure job, they don’t give a shit about pay for play, hell, they would take a tip for a favor any day.

Trumps impeachment will be an asterisk. His accomplishments will over ride the impeachment BS. The DEMs know he is successful in his endeavors and the only way to try and defeat him is with mud.

And, this is gonna kill Biden’s chances, as they will bring him up and question both he and his kids.

Leaving the Dems with the suicide choice of Warren, Sanders or Klobuchar.
Allowing Hillary to ride in and save the party.


Yep. That’s what Hillary is waiting for. Easy nomination victory, without doing any of the work. God help us… Again!


As always, excellent analysis. The fact that he turned in hand written notes that say the democrat talking points exactly is a pretty big clue this is all BS as well. Seriously, they must think we are all idiots.

Bonnie Hawkins

Very good.

Eileen Guthrie

The democrats and the mainstream media will latch on to anything negative about Donald Trump, each time believing this will be the thing that will take him down. It’s a lesson in futility and stupidity. Rachel Madcow disease just lied when she said he’s not given any interviews, when in fact, I found three. But after doing my own research I discovered that he has given three different version of what he claims, each time he has only embellished his role, and one was to the NYT. In his interview with the Times he said he never met or spoke to Trump and only spoke to Rudy Giuliani. Now, he claims he not only met Trump he was given a “special secret assignment,” Trump and Rudy knew what he and his buddy were doing. Let’s just say, once again, this democrat “witness” has a tiny credibility problem. Can you see Trump or Rudy falling for any of this? I can’t, remember Rudy took down the mob.

What I think this is all about by the democrats and the media are trying to create, what I would call a preemptive strike. It’s about defaming Rudy Giuliani and his investigation into the Ukrainian 2016 election interference plus the Biden’s and Burisma. This is nothing more than an enormous wrap up smear campaign. Remember Rudy went there to investigate the Ukrainian interference in 2016, it was the government that told him about the Biden’s and Burisma. Every instinct in my body is screaming this is what the democrats fear and are desperately trying to hide, their unorthodox relationship with the Ukraine and by extension Soros’s Ukrainian NGOs. The Ukrainian government gave $8 million to the Clinton Foundation in 2015. They then gave the Clinton Foundation $18 million in 2016 during the election. But after Clinton lost guess how much the gave after that? ZERO, nada, nothing. Now, I came to find out that the Biden’s have their own charitable foundation too and the Ukrainian government gave them $20 million in 2014 and 2015. I thought the Ukraine was a poor country, so where did they get all this money. Again, my instinct is telling it’s from George Soros and his NGOs, I found no proof of that yet, I’m only speculating right now but I will continue to research all of this until I get my answers. He said of Trump denies knowing him he will release photographs of them together, wanna bet it will be on the golf course? Go ahead and Release them, you spineless, gutless simp.


I’m just here for the round table & Coldplay with Trump event! wink

Thanks for affirming what I was presuming with this guy, Mandy.

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