Body Language – Putin & Assad In Damascus, Trump Joke


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Like I would say McguliCutty

No offense, but why hasn’t anyone taken out Assad yet ? Why do we have special operations , cia and spies trained assassins ect … all while these bloated death machines to their own people and a threat to the world walk around and make jokes ? I dont understand

Liette Bowes

I really like Assad & Putin. Clearly, both have the interests of their country and their people at heart. In addition, they are not globalists, which makes them even more sympathetic to me.

Cynthia Banks

I like Assad also, and I know from my research he did not gas his people, he was set up by Hillary and Obama. You do an excellent job.

Bonnie Hawkins

You are brilliant. Thank you for helping us see the truth.

Gen. Stewart

Something these two men have collaborated on and hoped for in the past has happened.They are celebrating their success. Apostle Paul(Saul)did not come to repentance on his own. After striking him down,God sent Ananias to tell him what he was to do for the rest of his life through suffering. He was in three shipwrecks, multiple near death beatings and a poisonous snake bite. Yet ,God would not let him die until he had completed Gods will. Sobering message for us all.

Didi Arte

Like you, I go by intuition and not by headlines or rhetoric when I assess the character of any leader. I like Trump a lot. He is a good guy. I know he wishes that at this point he could work more on diplomacy beween the USA and Syria. Unfortunately, this would garner him yet more persecution and accusations of treason in our deeply discordant bureaucracy and leftist media. I think that if these three could get together, perhaps after the impeachment sham is over, we could make much progress in our world. Oh yes, I have never believed that either Assad or Putin are monsters. That monster veneer as well as false flags and fake news stories must be broken through with intuitive understanding of who they REALLY are. I hope Trump DOES go to Damascas, and maybe all three men will have that Damascus experience. I would pray for this!


One thing that caught my eye was towards the end when they were standing together (after the joke and just after the gift). The “Pastor” was speaking looking at Assad . I’d appreciate knowing what, if anything, Assad’s body language meant as he was standing with his hands behind his back and his body slightly swaying from side to side, as he listened. If you freeze the video at 7′ 26″, Putin seems to be reading Assad’s body language, too, as it this was happening. Mandy? Somebody?


i had some stress come through but that may just be assad, he tends to stress around many people, but he is being respectful and in a bow position to the pastor.


Thank you, Mandy.

Didi Arte



One thing that I really like about Trump is his sense of humor. Not if he’s the butt of the joke but I think any teasing he enjoys. I can see Grandpa Trump teasing gis grands like my Pappy teased me.
I’m also really curious at what’s going on with Putin. I’m sure whatever it is, it’s to his advantage.


I have a feeling Trump would like the joke.

Didi Arte

Me too! Trump has an incredible sense of humor and intuition.


Assad may be “good” to his own people – but he belongs to the Alawites, who make up 13% of the Syrians. The Sunnis (various ethnic groups) make up 75%. They have a different take on how “good” Assad is.


Under Assad, a full 20% of Syria was Christian. Syria, after all, was Christian before it was Muslim. And under Assad, they were doing ok. Then we funded DAESH and things didn’t go so well. I’m sorry, the rebels…

Cherian Jacob

Oh this has just brightened up my day.. It is also very fitting of the Paul reference. They both were /are of the impression that Trump is/was a better candidate and would seek dialogue, diplomacy and peace over aggression. They are still right about it hence the reason why they laugh about it. But they also know whats holding him back.
To be honest, I think Trump, Putin and Assad would get along really well and I think Trump knows that as well.


i look forward to the day… we see all three of them making these kinds of jokes

Gen. Stewart

Could they have been in Damascus ? That would have been the reason for the joke.


yes they were…the church was made over the spot saul became paul


I believe they would get on well, especially now that Trump knows he was duped by the Deep State into wrongfully bombing Syria.

Didi Arte

A little more experience under his belt and a few less lefist moles in his administration and he would never have done that. I pray that both Putin and Assad will keep their hearts, minds, and eyes open to a meeting with POTUS!


I don’t think Pres. Trump’s Security Adviser at the time, John Bolton, was acting as leftist mole. He’s a hawk and he probably wasn’t happy that Trump’s bombing was extremely limited, instead of killing a whole bunch of Syrians in the attack. I also think that once the truth came out, Trump knew Bolton would never do him nor our country any good remaining in that important position.

Didi Arte

Exactly so on all points!


Hilarious. Further evidence for my theory that President Trump is inside the heads of more people on earth than anybody. It will be interesting to get your read on what Putin is up to with his proposed constitution changes and statements about stepping down in 2024.

Gen. Stewart

Looks like Putin is cleaning up Dodge City ! He’s got a swamp of his own. I now think that is what he and Trump have in common. I can see the two of them working together on cleaning up George Soros infested Ukraine.

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