Body Language – The Squad’s Game Of Thrones


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Why are there so many angry black people towards Trump? These women have the mentality of toddlers. PTSD has to be diagnosed. It doesn’t just happen because you’re upset. What a joke! These women are a joke to intelligent women. God..I wish they would all fall off the stage!


Yes, all of the aspects that Mandy noted, and that others have noted in their comments.

My question: isn’t Omar the one with the marriage debacles, affair with a staffer, etc., or am I confusing her with someone else?


No, BethJ, you’re not confused. Omar’s got some serious issues going on, besides her fake persona problems. Maybe that’s why she looks for reassurance from the others?

Cindy Lou

“pacific answers.” This woman is a dunce

Ursula Leach

I am not surprised that they are not given any information. They are traitors to this country and would leak that information right to our enemies. They need to go they are detrimental to our country.
Great video and explanations. Love your videos one can learn a lot from them


Did I miss something in the news? Why are they treating Omar with the cold shoulder in the beginning then after 4th squad member arrived they treat omar almost like a grieving widow. Weird dynamics.
Oh, and why are democrats so unattractive!? The ugly is strong with that group. Sheeesh!

Eileen Guthrie

Oh, give us a break with your liberal political rhetoric and propaganda. The people were celebrating the death of a corrupt tyrannical terrorist Muslim leader for days, who has murdered or ordered the death of thousands of innocent people, including the recent protesters who only want freedom. Iran Terrorist Leader Qassem Soleimani was actually celebrated by the same people he terrorized for years. But are we a bit surprised by any of this? The democrats and the mainstream media wept over the loss of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi too, another tyrannical terrorist who killed thousands. Where were they’re tears for these terrorist victims? If you can call what Trump did as an assassination, then the same should be said for President Obama’s assassination of Osama bin Laden too. We can play this word game too. Well, at least the democrats have finally exposed themselves on who side they are on… the terrorist, tyrannical regimes and dictators. Thanks for the heads up. VP Pence tried to contact Pelosi, but she was too busy drinking in a DC bar to take his call twice. SO, Pelosi just stop pretending you’re a victim in all of this, she has her own head so far up her own posterior, she’s just far too busy and important to take the Vice President’s phone call. Then, don’t expect another “courtesy” call ever again you have lost that privilege, Pelosi. And a reminder, that the Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has said he doesn’t want a war with the US. All they did in return was an air strike on two empty US bases, where are soldiers and allies were removed, but you certainly won’t hear that from the democrats or the mainstream media.

Janette Reynolds

Brilliant analysis. Wow. Who was the tallest member (who came in at the very end of the vid)? The one that actually gave Omar a sister-hug?


That was Ayanna Presley, the fourth member of “the squad” who auditioned along with AOC and Tlaib and a thousand other actresses to be supported by the Soros funded Justice Democrats. They ran thirty or so candidates and the squad were the four who won. It is being reported that they are raising money and instead of giving it the the DNC, they are directly funding socialist candidates to primary mainstream Demoncrats, which probably accounts for the cold shoulder. My guess is that Pressley did not attend the briefing and arrived late, which would account for why she eagerly hugged the jihadist.

Janette Reynolds

Thanks for the information. And they are so obviously, and amazingly brazen against the US….and this is the land that actually allows them the freedom to speak their garbage. Such a dichotomy. May they be held responsible for every horrific word and thought that comes from the darkness of their hearts.


After the 2016 election loss of HC, Cenk Yugur sp? Of the young Turks specifically stated he was declaring war on the Dems and how he will help reshape the Democratic Party. There have been many videos on you tube demonstrating the formation and organization of the Justice Democrats. Most have been removed. The direct funding issue mentioned above is also true, when scrutiny was applied to the justice Democrats it was revealed AOC’s campaign manager was in violation of campaign finance laws, then it all just disappeared.


Love the handle, Glock. For those who are curious, Mr. Reagan’s YT channel has two still up. “The Brains Behind AOC Parts one and two” He does a great job of summarizing the scheme. It is part of the reason Pelosi has become even more psychotic than usual. She is in a panic because she is losing control of her party.


My hunch would be that Omar said something so outrageously supportive of the dead terrorist mastermind in the briefing, that they all want to distance themselves from her. That would explain why she threw out the PTSD excuse and had the giggling fit. She initially looked like somebody who had just inadvertently outed herself (as a jihadist?) and was looking to give an alternate explanation.

Susan McCall

It is us, the People, who suffer from PTSD from listening or having to watch ‘her’ – she should not abuse the term (PTSD) like many do – this is when it gets messy with ‘mental illness’ because people desire to be victims and want to be lumped together I guess (easier to be in a gang than fight one) when actually, they are just weak-minded. hollowood would rather everyone think like their leaders (wearing p…y hats for example) than have anyone think for themselves and punish the ones who think outside the box.


From what I’ve seen, she often inadvertently outs herself as a plant and then tries to give alternate explanations. How did she manage to pass the audition?

Bonnie Hawkins

Thank you.:)

Gen. Stewart

Women certainly shouldn’t say they have very little or no voice in Washington.When they take center stage,place their eunuchs (Men) in the back and keep shuffling them off camera.With the exclusion of mister bobble head at the podium(Phony).Women have always been the bigger voice to be used by the democrat party. Subliminally illicit emotion for what ever cause. Omar’s PTSD disappeared very quickly ,shortly after speaking.This woe is me bullshit doesn’t cut it with me ! If a person is strong enough to stand in front of cameras and defy the world. They damn sure don’t need sympathy.


Posting this comment before watching the analysis… I saw this clip and went by frame to see who was smiling first. I’d say it was the ugly one, but that’s a broad field. The one to our right, Pearls, start smiling first as she turns, just after her eyes move to something, a couple frames later, ill-hand Oh-mar also looks down. The next frame, leftmost woman’s face starts to change and she turns toward pearls. This is after the word “2” from “132.” Ok, all I can think is that there was a reminder of something they laughed about ahead of time, the woman speaking has toilet paper on her back, or someone farted.

I’m really leaning toward farted. IO’s got that immature mind Mandy taught us about. smile

Now I’ll watch Mandy. smile


This analysis didn’t get to the part I was referring to. It’s when the unstoppable giggles started. Still, that last bit about having the info to answer a question being power, and thus no longer behaving respectfully toward others, that bit was quite insightful and useful all around.

Thanks Mandy! smile


crying It wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened!


Do you think that they would restrict what the Dems see in a security briefing because Omar is there?
Could that be a reason the more mature members seem to not like her presence?

Gen. Stewart

I see the others as more centrist and not liking being pushed so far left . The four horsemen of the democrat apocalypse is making it hard to face their people back home.

Eileen Guthrie

I think the older, more mature members of this caucus don’t seem to like these three upstarts. IF they demanded a call from the President and the Vice President called Pelosi TWICE to let her know what was going on, then their anger and err should be with Pelosi, who felt partying with her fellow democrats in a new bar and restaurant in the Navy yard district in DC was far more important to her and drinking alcohol is dangerous for the alcoholic Pelosi. The first call she said I’ll call him back later. The second call went unanswered. I’ve done a lot of research on the events that occurred before the air strike and someone in this administration or congress called the New York Times to warn the Iranian General Qasem Soleimani of the air strike, but his call went unanswered. If the leak was to the Washington Post, it would have been Adam Schiff. But the Times is a different animal but the fact that the democrats whine about not getting a heads up, is the exact reason the Trump administration doesn’t give them a heads up, they leak like a sieve. So, whose side are they really on? Certainly not the US.


Well done! Gives me awareness of their interactions and reactions amongst themselves. I hope they all lose their power soon.


They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, they’re altogether ooky………

Cheryl Cooper

Loved this one I see nothing but evil emanating from Omar’s smiles.

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