Body Language – Boris Johnson Vs Muhammad Ali


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That kiss kiss is hilarious. Gotta love this guy. He’s kinda the Britain Trump.I think him and President Trump would work good together.
And the liberal socialists are the same. Rude and with the same talking points and no humor.

Lauren Young

I just love Boris Johnson! grin grin


“…they don’t know how to interact with someone who’s turned it into a joke.” No kidding. Liberals are unfunny and cannot seem to take a joke.


Great video! Very very funny and informing. I love it when politics get funny.


Finally it loaded. We are having record rain and I needed a good laugh. Days of rain and dark can make one’s mind spongy. This was a bit of sunshine. Ty Mandy.

Gen. Stewart

Sorry Gary ! I was trying to comment on your Ali comment and hit the flag Button…UNINTENTIONALLY ! OOOOPPS


Yeah, that interviewer didn’t even try to hide his bias against Johnson, which led to Boris’ great antics and the crowd’s attention. Whether said interviewer was aware of his obvious bias, doubtful.


Muhammad Ali was not only a master of exhausting his opponents by his dancing and elusiveness, but he was the first boxer to adopt the mike skills and Kayfabe of professional wrestling and apply it to a mainstream sport. He became the world’s most famous human as a result. Trump is a close friend of the McMahon family and understands Kayfabe to a “T”. When you watch a rally, you know exactly what he is going to say before he says it. It is a highly effective means of communicating a message that depends on careful crafting of short concise messages in repeated sound bites and catch phrases. Boris has a lot to learn from him, but has the same instincts. It was hilarious how he used his body to gain control over the situation. Very entertaining. Merry Christmas to all!


Finally, England finds their bulldog spirit again.


What a great analogy! You’re right, Mandy. In the coming days, I believe Boris will float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. I never saw that in him before now. The red tie, on the other hand, seems to be a typical liberal. Always right of the pages of Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, No independent creativity whatsoever. It’s always the same script with the left. It’s a new day and they still rely on the same stale s(tuff). At least the world is finally recognizing the putrid odor now.


Oops… Correcting sentence to read: Always right OUT of the pages of Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, and not “right of the pages”. There’s nothing right about Alinsky. Sorry about that.
really embarrassed


“Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.” I agree wholeheartedly. Must remember that analogy.


That’s a Mohammed Ali quote, Gary. 😊

Cheryl Cooper

Kiss kiss too funny. The interviewer looks like our fake news in the USA


How to you trust a man to run a country that can’t comb his hair, or is the “just rolled out of bed look” the fashion for British Parliament?


Looks are often very deceptive. Take “Orange Man”, for example. Best President in my lifetime… and I’ve been around since Harry Truman.


I’ve also noticed Orange Man’s hair has improved since he became POTUS. I can’t help wonder if that was at the suggestion of Melania or some of his advisors. Maybe bad hair is key to getting things done.


I believe it was on purpose. It got him a lot of attention and branding.

Try Kulla

I’d be more concerned with the charismatic well groomed sweet talkers that are clearly pretending to be something they aren’t


Easy. I watch him and listen to him speak. The fact his hair is a mess is irrelevant to me. He’s authentic. Some of the best dressed people with good hair have been the biggest scheisters.

Gen. Stewart

LOL… send him a comb !


this is great!I’ve only just begun to look into everything going on in England but this Boris Johnson seems like a funny guy!

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