Body Language – James Corney FISA Abuse


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LMAOF…”the FBI was accused…”, NO ASSHOLE….YOU WERE ACCUSED since you were the Director at that time and allowed staff to harass TRUMP!!


Around the 3:00 mark, why is Chris Wallace having trouble keeping eye contact? He’s got some odd behavior, too… Is that what you’re calling “genius?”


He does it every time he poses a question…


Amazing as always Mandy, and to think I used to admire this man. Very sad!

Bonnie Hawkins

Excellent. Happy Holidays.

frank papandrea

Made mistakes, you make mistakes on investigating the President then you have some anser’in to do. And not from Wallace. He wonders why he was fired. YOU FUCKED UP or more likely YOU ARE A KEY PART OF THE STRATEGY, A FACILITATOR OF THE TACTICS. Go to jail, do not collect your pension.


Did anyone check out “Sack of Schiff’s” blood -red eyes in the Wallace interview? They were not bulging out as much as usual either. Demonic possession? Maybe he was crying after getting shouted down as a liar and fleeing like a weasel out of his town hall.


I saw some clip with SoS last night. I did notice his eyes looked normal for a change. I thought that maybe because he got shouted down and fled, he got off whatever drugs he’d been on in order to actually think straight and brainstorm with his cohorts in the impeachment farce for the next phase. Didn’t notice red-eyes. Do you have a link?


It is on you tube. The red eyes are more noticeable on a bigger screen like a computer monitor or tv.


Ok, I have a question. What’s up with his eyebrows? I’ve noticed that in all of his interviews, which is a look of “poor me, just a good guy doing his job” type of thing. That’s what he may wanted to look like, but to me it was almost like a mockery, or perhaps a deep despise to the viewers. The self rightness and at the same time the look of “self sacrifice for my belief system” is so sick! Am I wrong in seeing that?

Gen. Stewart

I would have liked to see at what point he put the coffee cup between himself and Wallace. I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t catch a bullet at some point in the future.


Always on point, Mandy! Thank you. Like you and others, I was pleasantly surprised by Chris Wallace’s interview tactics this time. Nice to see, although I would have enjoyed seeing Comey squirm a bit more from follow up questions. šŸ˜‡


Eric Swallwell (spelling?) did the squint thing when Matt Gates was going off on him and on the lack of evidence at the end of that committee’s impeachment hearings. Swallwell adds a little bit of brow-furrow to the squint. It’s like he’s putting on a “what are you talking about?” faux-confusion. No, the info about Corney is helpful here. Now, we can see it with others. Thanks, Mandy!

Valerie Calkins

I think that’s spelled Swallowswell grin


Sooo happy to see you spelling it Corney! We know who’s with-it, Lady Bombard! smile Search the report and they spelled it this way every time. The rumour is that in previous official documents, this misspelling in addition to others (obarna, poclesta) was used to prevent him and others from being found in FOIA searches.


Seriously? If the rumor is true, misspellings will be dismissed as “typos”. Then we can add “typos” to “sloppiness”, “lack of candor”. etc. These people sure love to use euphemisms for swamp stench. At least our President isn’t reticent about calling it what it is: “Bullshit”.

Ami Manning

Was hoping you would do this!!!


Thanks, Mandy, that was really good. The eye squinting is really pretty subtle since he is being accurate and lying at very quick intervals. I know that voice tone is not your area, but both he and Pencil Neck Rosenstein have this fake earnest voice tone that they portray when they are trying to deceive and convince the listener that they are above suspicion. I, too was surprised at Wallace going after him so well. Maybe he realizes that he has been running cover for these crooks and the I G report shows that it is without question that they were crooked. Hardball was the only way to maintain any credibility as a ā€œjournalistā€. It still would have been nice if he asked him to explain the impossible probability of all 17 ā€œirregularities and omissionsā€ and all 51 Woods violations going against the target, as a final kill shot.


What we’ve learned about DC: the most persuasive liars get the furthest. Comey is a champ. As for Wallace, since he’d be scrutinized, he played to straight.

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