Body Language – Russian Relations Pompeo & Lavrov


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Luis Rodas

I’m sure you’re gonna love doing this one, so would we, thanks!!


Gen. Stewart

Just ANOTHER democrat failing ! Constant Russia,Russia,Russia. They claim they don’t like war,but yet,constantly japping the bear with a sharp stick. We should try to have good relationships with all nations. We should be strong enough and wise enough to deal with people without degrading them. I like Pompeo ! It is rare to find an individual as intelligent and wise as he,in a position of authority these days.


“Multiple human rights violations” got a rise from Lavrov. He jerked his head up, it may have been a signal to someone in the audience’s direction. I’m sure it’s just me, but I think Lavrov is trying to get into the game, perhaps to sharpen himself more than he is when Pompeo began to speak. Lavrov reminded me of a boxer just after the bell for first round. Anyway, that’s what I thought about it.


Glad to see we are talking to Russia and that there was cordiality between them. Wonder if rumors are true about Pompeo running for Senate in Kansas. I have not seen a video where he was asked about it.

Gen. Stewart

I hope not ! We are very fortunate to have him in the position he is. The senate has become,or maybe they’ve always been just a self serving group of chickenshits.


Thank you Mandy. Had a chuckle at Pompeo looking up at the sky and having to overtake Lavrov lol. After having just watched the news and all the awful things happening, it feels good to have some levity. Thanks Mandy for seeing the funny in things smile Laughter does the soul good. Have a great weekend all!


There just seems to be a new order coming over the world… Trump, Morrison, Borris…… it is better than Clinton, Shorten, Corbin whom are all globalists and/or socialists.

I am not sure if it is going to be better or worse but I do feel as though the people are making better choices.

Pompeo is probably going to call out China but politely kept quiet for the sake of the Russian/American friendship.

Gen. Stewart

I have noticed a uptick in someone giving thumbs down on clearly intelligent comments. It would seem that we have a left leaning narrow minded hit and run artist. I’m with you Cat !


Good to see them both being deferential towards each other, IMHO. Thanks for sharing, Mandy!

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