Body Language – Trump Demeanor Change

Body Language - Trump Demeanor Change

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Eileen Guthrie

I honestly don’t know how he stays so composed after what the democrats, Obama, Hillary and the rest of these corrupt politician and these unelected, corrupt bureaucrats have put him, his family and the country through for the last 3 years. I honestly want to rip their throats out. I get so angry and frustrated watching this unfold.

It’s hysterical watching these sophomoric imbeciles celebrating popping the corks of their Cristal champagne bottles, when they’re about to hit a wall going 100 mph, and they’re about to get a massive reality check. Because, while they were playing their dirty, sleazy political games, William Barr and John Durham have already convene a secret grand jury and the indictments are completed, but the results are sealed for the moment. When the truth comes out, they will try to scatter like a cockroach does when the lights are turned on. They really believe that they won this battle, unfortunately for them, Trump and the “true” patriots have already won the war. What I suspect is that Bill Barr will slowly release an few indictments at a time, so he can cause the most pain and fear, like waves hitting the shore. But this is what it looks like when there are know leaks to the mainstream media by some sleazy, corrupt politician. And I know that’s scary for some people.

But when the fog lifts and the smoke clears, the people of this country will finally realize, that President Trump is desperately trying to remove the political corruption from the Washington cesspool, while the democrats, the mainstream media and the deep state are trying to save and keep it. UNBELIEVABLE and ironic!


I was with you until the end, Eileen. Respectfully, I disagree with your last paragraph. Except for the “woke” ones, everyone knows exactly that the President is desperately trying to draining the cesspool. The swamp creatures and their creations absolutely must try everything, no matter how nefarious, to save and preserve their dirty swamp. Their very lives depend on it.


These are sham impeachment hearings that deserve no attention from the american public. Just another reason not to listen to the “news”, not that I needed another reason. I haven’t since 2008. And I’ve never been happier. Thank you for doing this one.

Cheryl Cooper

Love your take as usual!

Gen. Stewart

The democrats/Leftist are going to subvert,Block and disrupt our government until something very drastic takes place. This is a multifaceted attack on our country now.The cartel should be labeled a terrorist group along with antifa and MS13. There are different rules of engagement and criminal penalties for terrorist. Open borders,sanctuary cities,Rogue local and federal officials,corrupt politicians,and sold out Rino’s are all a push toward communism under a softer title.A more acceptable title for young easily manipulated ignorant of the way the world actually works.


I sense POTUS knows he’s won, today and in 2020, while the Dems have demolished their image and their cause, which is all good.


he has definitely won…. I still want to see justice for the traitors.


Please, Mandy, don’t hold your breath waiting, unless a janitor will do. There’s a reason Graham doesn’t want witnesses testifying. Yes, the Dems suck, but there are Repubs in Congress up to their necks in it, too. Still, I hold out a bit of hope that we will finally see justice. Just not holding my breath.

Check out the reception Trump got last night when he walked on stage: Yes, he’s got 2020 for sure, as long as the election is an honest one and civil war doesn’t break out.


I see some hope for justice in the sequence of events with Barr and Durham and the change in terminology immediately following their visits to Europe. The term criminal investigation was the new label right after they got access to coms involving Halper and Mifsud. If they can link them to US intel as well as the set up of Papadopoulos that started the whole coup, they have the evidence of a criminal conspiracy, which Graham started saying yesterday for the first time. On the other hand, Trump and Rudy accused Creepy Joe of what a lot of the big shots in Congress are doing themselves. When the insider trading immunity was closed down, after Schweitzer’s first book and the Martha Stewart prosecution, bribes and kickbacks of foreign aid through family member board appointments became the new gravy train for a lot of them along with foundations. I believe this is why Pelosi immediately went to impeachment because Trump represents an existential threat to expose them all. Her son sits on the board of Viscoil. Graham’s racket is warmongering and contributions from defense contractors and their supporters. Though Trump is a threat to that as well, there is enough instability in the world that they will have plenty of demand for weapons and Trump likes selling them to allies. I am at least more hopeful than a month ago, but understand Nonna’s warning. I never hold my breath.

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