Body Language – Justin Trudeau, Making Fun Of Trump


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Liette Bowes

Trudeau does not represent me! From Canada.


I actually feel sorry for Justin. I don’t like feeling sorry for him, but I actually do. I feel bad about myself now.


Was that Princess Anne, to Trudeau’s right?


“Tampon Boy finally has people to talk to!” Ahahaha! Mandy, that laugh, though!

Eileen Guthrie

Like most politicians, it doesn’t really matter what country they’re from, they ALL have some form of narcissism and are either sociopaths, psychopaths, or have other personality disorders, such as Obsessive-Compulsive disorder, Anti-social disorder, Paranoia disorder and borderline personality disorder and he needs to be the center of attention. I’m currently going for my doctorate in Psychology with the emphasis on Abnormal Behavior. Unfortunately, that’s what political power does to insecure, narcissistic politicians who is looking for approval from other politicians and the people of their country. Justin is a scared little boy with at least 4, possibly 5 of the 9 types of narcissistic personality disorder as well as being borderline and anti-social. Justin is a man/child, there is a lack of maturity as he wants and needs to be a kid on the playground who is desperate to hang out with the cool kids. The difference between a man child (Trudeau) and a male adult (Trump) is that the man/child will say something behind your back, while an adult will say it to your face. Mandy, you read body language and I watch their patterns in their actions and behaviors.

frank papandrea

meanwhile our economy and jobs are way up, Trump can be as late as he wants, he knows how to make an appearance. WHen he walks in the room everything stops


I like how Princess Anne seems to pointedly direct her conversation to Boris Johnson, as though ignoring frat boys Macaroon and TB. Even Macaroon cut-off TB, after TB brought up the topic of Trump, bless his heart…


Tampon boy lol


Your name for him is perfect. He looks like an awkward freshman trying to be accepted by the cool seniors at a high school dance. I still fail to understand why Canadians would re-elect him when he is such an embarrassment and a disgrace to a country formerly known for manly men like lumberjacks, fishing guides and Mounties.


How this guy became PM of Canada is beyond me. What a putz. It’s always drama with him, and Macaroon Boy. Where there are French there’s typically clowns. They have a strange fascination with them and think they’re funny. I don’t like clowns. Unless it’s Homey D. Clown… And Homey don’t play dat. 🤡
I’d like to know what Princess Anne said/did. She’s normally rather caustic and doesn’t give a rat. but she’ll be watching herself after her brother’s disastrous interview. All the Royals will. Thanks Mandy – I hoped you’d catch this one. Cheers.

Liette Bowes

Plz, do not generalize. Actually I’m a French Canadian from Quebec. I did not vote for Trudeau and I dont know any of my fellow French that voted for him. In fact, his party failed here, in Quebec. And just to inform you, the rest of Canada is mostly english and liberal so…
saying that “Where there are French there’s typically clowns” is typically quite ignorant.


The whole lot of them need a nanny


well said XD

Susan McCall

I’m sorry Mandy but why do you call him ‘tampon boy’? I know Charles said he wanted to be Camilla’s tampon, and MSNBC anchor Melissa Harris-Perry donned a pair of tampon earrings – what did justin do?


ive always called him tampon boy…. first video i did of him was three years ago


It’s well deserved. He has said so many silly things pandering to women. My favorite is where he said that if your wife sleeps with another man, you win. He can go to hell and absorb all that flow while down there.


That woman was princess Anne. Also involved in a shrug of shoulder drama with the Queen as the Queen was greeting Mr & Mrs Trump at Buckingham Palace.

Gen. Stewart

What was the topic ?



Trudeau said it was about the “surprise” announcement at the next G20 is to be at Camp David….


TB is so jealous, lol. 😉

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