Body Language – Trump, Erdogan Negotiations


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Gülen has been in the US since 1999. There is an arrest warrant active in Turkey for him, yet his movement is one that on the surface level promotes religious tolerance and a secular, nonislamic government.As usual when dealing with leaders of Islamic states, this puts Trump in the difficult position of having to deal with an ally leader who is in favor of a dictatorial Islamic state. One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter. I suspect that Trump understands this, but still has to deal with a legitimate extradition request from an ally. Not an enviable position to be in. He does not like lose-lose situations, which would account for his stress.

Gen. Stewart

The terrorist leader they are asking for is on a 400 acre farm in Pennsylvania.

Gen. Stewart

During the press conference segment. Erdogan looks down at his wife with a look on his face.That I read as if to say “I Got Him”

Gen. Stewart

The look is at 6:47

Romo Shovel

Thanks for your work. Seems things arent always as they seem


Just because Erdoğan labels Fethullah Gülen as a terrorist does not necessarily mean that it is true! He is, after all, a politician. They were formerly allied to each other so pots and kettles come to mind. Why Obama would would prefer one to the other is beyond me – delusions of being more compliant with the US perhaps.

Gen. Stewart

Obama sided with Erdogan’s enemy. Then gives him a safe haven in America. I believe obama was behind the Coup. The geopolitics of that period in time say’s it all.


Dang… no wonder there was tension!


Sometimes you find out information that just causes a mini explosion in your brain… 🤯

I think it is amazing how much info has come out under Trump. I also think Trump lets this info come out because then everything starts to make sense… 🤔

I think for all of the faults of Trump he is definitely trying to get ALL the information out to the regular people around the world. He may not be able to stop the wars but he can let you know all sides are dirty.

I hope Trump hands over that terrorist leader that Turkey wants because that will go a long way to peace in the middle east. If you take away the tools (humans) of the deep state military complex and stop all of the “allies” interference in other countries wars and the wars would be over much faster.


Just makes you wonder how much more information has been repressed, and how damaging it is! God bless our President and all others who love America and are trying to do what’s best, despite the Deep State, Soros, etc.

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