Body Language – Debates Boris Johnson Vs Jeremy Corbyn


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Kwame Oluwasomi

Boris Johnson is VERY clever. We were deceived into voting ‘leave’. Lies were told about our weekly membership fee (how much we pay, and that it’d go straight to the NHS once we’re divorced), as well as immigration – posters went up depicting a long line of Syrian refugees about 8 bodies thick (look up ‘Breaking Point Poster’) seemingly queuing to enter the UK. Syrians. Free Movement is reserved for EU citizens… otherwise we have complete control of our borders.

Either way, you can have a look at immigration’s real effect on Britain here: – In summary, they’re not a drain on our economy.

What the leave campaign has managed to do, with almost 0 facts, is convince so many of us that Brexit is either in our best interest or could be in our best interest. Thus, it’s now considered political suicide to campaign for ‘remain’ if you’re a prominent party leader. This is why Jeremy Corbyn can’t be authentic, he flipped a long time ago. He’s a populist.

Can’t say I know why we want to leave… but I’ve read around about the EU’s plans to effectively curtail tax evasion, closing registration loopholes: – beginning January 1st, 2020.


Your right… you wonder why all this dog and pony show is going on…. and no one talks about anything of substance or even brain tickling fun. Look here: just maybe the shit storm thats coming is better handled by keeping the populations distracted and infighting.


Thanks for once again exposing another manipulative, sociopathic weasel. It is amazing to me how many people are susceptible to ham-handed and blatant emotional manipulations of the left world wide. This clown is not even good at it.


UK election polls: Only 25 per cent of voters say Jeremy Corbyn is equipped to run Britain


now thats some good news


yes… I hope he does well. its hard for me to gage. Because i see a politician…and in this country politicians can always be counted on to eventually be politicians.


As Einstein said “It is all relative” that is, the somewhat iffy v the truly dreadful! Not exactly inspiring but the stakes are real.



Jeremy Corbyn: ‘I will not lead Labour at next election’

UK results: Conservatives win majority
After 649 of 650 seats declared Conservative 364 (+47 ) Labour 203 (-59 ) SNP 48 ( +13 ) Liberal Democrat 11 ( -1 ) DUP 8 ( -2 ) Others 15 ( +2) ,

Jeremy Corbyn has said he will not lead Labour into the next election, following a “very disappointing night” for his party.
He said he would stay on as leader during a “process of reflection” on the result, which a BBC forecast says will be its worst since 1935………..>


he will be on there 3 years later, like the brexit vote


Thanks, Mandy! Interesting observations. I was most distracted by the interviewer who looked like she wanted to conduct an orchestra!


The biggest problem I have is the doctor. I work in the NHS, I work in the maintenance side. There are trusts within a community hospital who refuse to help patients who have heart attacks in hallways because they are not paid to rush out there, yup. That’s what dividing the NHS does. They have such little money they neglect their oaths, and yet the big managers give themselves bonuses. The property Services management also give themselves bonuses whilst rejecting quotes to rectify windows that are a health and safety issues, among other issues like fire safety etc. They need to GET RID of the managers within the NHS on 6 figure salaries. The banding system needs to be reevaluated. Managers need to be capped, skilled workers are to be increased and no one should be earning 6-figure-salaries out of the peoples pocket. No more money. You need cuts in the management! More money in nurses and cuts in accountants and management.

Other than that, Boris is getting my vote.

Wanna see how absolutely awful Jeremy is, watch how he responded to the question “what are you doing to prepare?”
How disrespectful.


its really sad the question and token color people they used

Gen. Stewart

Boris is a advocate for change.Corbin is a status quo. Status quo people do not like the risk of change.They would rather stay in a comfortable rut(grave with both ends taken out)than risk the unknown. Boris should attack with the argument of “The remainers have undermined every effort for what the voters have ask for” and just keep hammering away with that. The remainers have been ahead of the brextiers from day one. I highly doubt that these poor people will ever crawl out from under this subterfuge of the remainer leaders. Could you please do a vid of Rep.Jordan confronting Vindman. Vindman seemed to keep looking at ,who i believe is schiff,as if for approval. Vindman is so arrogant that he is a open book.


Listening to Corbyn, all I could think of was the left in America, especially during the infamous Impeachment “Inquiry”, playing on emotions and avoiding the hard facts of the actual subject matter. One thing that struck me was that I thought I heard Johnson say “hum bug”. Do people really use that term? Sorry, I’ve only ever heard Ebeneezer Scrooge say that. LOL Lastly, maybe it’s because I can’t stand listening to Corbyn that it seemed he got more time to speak than BoJo, and the woman didn’t cut him off as often as she did Johnson.

Greg Dambach

I need to adjust Corbin’s glasses…


Someone needs to adjust them! 🥴

sky captain

lol, when Corbin say’s “genuine choice” he puts his hands out to represent a single lane | |


laughing hand


Hi Mandy. I was born over there and am familiar with peculiar nuances that even now I pay attention to. You may have heard of the ‘Old School Tie’. The neck tie can make a profound statement in its own way. I used to like silk cravats. Ties from Eton, Oxford, and so on may be useful in job applications (just like, over here, buying your kid entrance to an Ivy League University). Johnson’s is soothing and Corbyn SHOUTS. It is also THIN. Neck ties have trends…wide or thin, ‘Shot Silk’, and so on. I am surprised Justin Trudeau doesn’t have some hateful message on ones.

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