Body Language – Jim Jordan Vs Ambassador Taylor


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Cheri Elliott

This is an conflicted soul. He knows he will be judged in the end.

Melisa Whitt

Taylor speaking soo slowly drove me nuts. I kept fussin at the TV


First the DOJ, FBI, and now the State Department are exposed to the public. If I was a Democrat, I would be embarrassed at how this farce of analysis of third hand hearsay and subjective opinion has been presented to the public by the psychopathic coup plotters. This whole mess just shows how members of the deep state have the expectation that they run foreign policy rather than a duly elected chief executive. Great analysis, though, Mandy. The finger tells were interesting to watch. I have sat in many IEP meetings and observed some of the same gestures with pens and glasses.


If this country doesn’t rid itself of these un-elected over-paid swamp creatures, and soon, we are doomed. Shut down the State Department and the Education Department at least.


I thoroughly enjoyed this Mandy. You are very good at this. I watched this live and wasn’t catching all of the little subtleties and I appreciate you covered this. Thank you much.

Gen. Stewart

In the last few seconds of his time. I wish Jordan would have ask Taylor if he was standing by the watercooler when he hear this. The laughter of the audience would have embarrassed him and made headlines. These people should be publicly shamed !


This is one of the best moments of the hearing that i saw so far and maybe the best , most insightful and enjoyable analysis and i love everyone’s comments too.


10:56 – “Glad to take those questions.” No you’re not. smile


I just love Jim Jordan’s facial expressions at the end of the segment. 🤣🤣🤣

Amalia Geller

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Richard Stevens

I too had trouble joining as a “gold” member. Finally I contacted Mandy and she was able to register me.

Eileen Guthrie

Given the fact that the whistleblowers name was NOT redacted in the original transcript and it sat out there for 6 hours before anyone caught that error. Saying he doesn’t know the whistleblowers name or identity, is just a little hard to swallow at this point. Did you notice, he said this only after he found out the republicans want him to testify. The Republicans want to call Schiff as a witness in this impeachment farce, and he doesn’t want to testify, so now he’s pretending he doesn’t know who the whistleblower is, he has a raging case of amnesia. Is anyone buying his BULLSHIT? NO, not even the Washington Compost gave him 5 Pinocchio’s for that lie. First, it’s the whistleblower must testify, then the leaks started, then, it’s we don’t need him to testify, NOW IT’S I DON’T KNOW WHO IT IS. Notice what gender pronoun Shitforbrains is using…. HE!!! Which is it you, sophomoric jester?

Because the democrats demanded that Ken Starr testify during Clinton’s impeachment hearings; and, were worn that doing so could bite them in the ass in the future. But they still demanded that Starr must testify. So, the legal precedent has already been established by the democrats to call on a government official to testify. He clearly doesn’t want to be sworn in to testify regarding the whistleblower, whether publicly or in a close session, it’s still lying, and he could face perjury charges. Another point is how does he know the whistleblower is in danger, the man who shall not be named… so for now, let’s call him Lord Voldemort? If you don’t know who he is, then PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE EXPLAIN THAT TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE? And, why is the news networks, cable news outlet and social media are NOT allowed to say the whistleblowers name? If the demonRats don’t know his identity, then why the ban?

Here’s the thingy. Here are two unfortunate realities: the first is that whistleblowing becomes virtuous and noble only when a Republican is the one being whistled on; the second is that deep state Democrats have a habit of manipulating whistleblower laws when it suits their purposes.


Thank you for all that. Superb supplement to video itself.


Excellent commentary. I could be wrong, but unlike Roger Stone who was just found guilty of lying to Congress and faces up to 20 years in prison, Schifface, as a member of Congress, is immune from prosecution for doing the same thing. Schifforbrains can give an entirely false rendition of Pres. Trump’s phone call with the Ukraine President, have the falsehood put into the Congressional Record, and there’s no legal recourse for even the President of the United States to take. Someone please correct me, if I have it wrong.

Eileen Guthrie

Unfortunately, you’re not wrong. Because Congress but especially the House write our laws, so they can block any legislation they want, such as term limits. They can write laws to increase their power over the people and give themselves protection from the laws they write. United States senators and representatives have the right to speak their minds in congressional debates and committee proceedings without fear of legal reprisal by persons who may be defamed has raised difficult questions for responsible members of Congress and the federal courts. The protection afforded to legislators by the Constitution’s guarantee of immunity from suits for slander has been extended over the years to a variety of situations which could hardly have been envisioned by the founding fathers. The basic problem presented by the expanded coverage and other recent abuses (Obamacare) of congressional immunity is whether the special free-speech privilege can now be restricted without impairing-a constitutional grant which is recognized as essential to the processes of democratic government. So, you might be asking yourself why and how did this happen? Read on.

Because a resolution was awaiting final action by the Senate Rules Committee, who looked to censure or expulse of Senator Joseph McCarthy (R., Wis.) during his House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) for offenses alleged in the resolution, most of which could not have developed without the protection of congressional immunity. Over the decades Congressional immunity increased. They can do or say anything, and the American public has no retribution or recourse, other than voting them out of office. Can you imagine the lawsuits that would’ve been filed against Senator Joseph McCarthy from Hollywood alone, if Congress hadn’t given themselves immunity? I hope that answers your question.


Thank you, Eileen. I appreciate the info you shared, sad as it is.

Cheri Elliott

The rules and legality do not apply here. These demonrats, are evil


In the end all I could think about was that Zuckerberg lookalike behind the Ambassador


This reading was EXCEPTIONAL! I noticed his bony hands engage quite a bit yesterday in other clips, but didn’t realize that’s what he was doing. It occurred to me that he was merely quite expressive. I didn’t notice the difference in finger movements. Amazing job! I’ve shared it on my channels.

Linda Taylor

“Church Prayer Chains are easier to understand” grin … LOVE Mr. (Jim) Jordan!!!


OMG! Was that HILARIOUS, or what?? Ahahahaha!


I hope that they have footage of Schiff’s face when this part went down. I would love to see that. Betting on eye-rolling and gnashing of teeth, not to mention pulling of hair and tearing his clothing.

Cheri Elliott


Romo Shovel

Thank you so much. Once again, via my CO gf

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