Body Language – Adam Schiff On Whistle Blower


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This guy is disgusting!

Romo Shovel

Thank you again. We enjoy your work at this house. Probably would be boring to you for such an easy analysis, but you can do all the Adam Schiff there is. We’ll watch

Kaz Z

Little Shyttie Shiit is a bugeyed loonietoon extraterrestrial who escaped from the intergalactic asylum for the criminally out of their frakkin ganglia.

C’mon, you got to know this reject is not from these parts.


With a little research, it is becoming apparent that Ukraine has been a trough for the children of Biden, Kerry, Pelosi and even Schiff himself to feed at. The foreign aid pipeline back to politicians is only becoming more obvious. That is why they are so desperate. The power hungry sadist presiding over this is a joke.

Bonnie Hawkins

Excellent and Blessings to the family.

frank papandrea

His arrogance predisposes a safety net.

Gen. Stewart

Why is it that we elect the worst of us ? ALL the people that run for office is the most devious,conniving,deceitful people that do whatever it takes to claw themselves to the top. Irrespective of who it hurts. Leaving entire families broken and outcast to previous friends,neighbors and onlookers infected with anger and disgust. Insecure as to what the future holds for them,their community and nation. Is this a reflection of the darkest side of us as individuals ?


ooooooh hes going DOWN!!


Carpe Donktum’s analysis of this clip:


alie fox

This just made my day. This is so funny!!! hahahahahaha



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