Body Language – Triggered & Turning Point USA


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Bones Bailey

Sadly, there is almost as much assumption and snideness from the commenters as there are protesters in the video.

Couples often interrupt each other or anticipate the spouse’s thoughts, even interrupt because they share the same concerns and values.

One might also show a little empathy an consider the daily onslaught of hate this couple absorbs every single waking hour from their detractors, and this is without the additional burden of TPUSA’s faux pas recently.


What a stressful situation.


I do some public speaking and gah! This is one of the worst setups for a debate. This is a really tough crowd. I’d be anchoring myself, too! It’s nothing but a scream fest.

Barbara HEDGES

He might as well have stayed home. She kept interrupting him. I mean she spoke or I should say yelled more than the spoke. She sounded like a shrew She made it all about her . He is better off to leave her at home or back stage although if she was back stage I think she would have run out and grabbed the mic out of his hand and started in. Definitely does not fit in that family at all. The Trumps are a beautiful family I hope she doesn’t end up in it.


This turd will be ousted and run straight to Hollywood for an acting gig.
Cannot come soon enough for I’m sure not to view anything he’s in.

Rebecca Kidder

I agree to not argue with the audience. However, if KG was invited to speak, she did what she was asked to do. I don’t agree with how the body language was interpreted in this vid. It’s difficult dealing with these crowds, most of which were just chanting down the protesters. I don’t think Don “wanted out of there”, he was displaying patience.


i dont know why he reminds me of Mark Zuck


Keep your kids as far away from a major university as you can,lest they be turned into safe space seeking, therapy dog petting, crayon clutching Jr. SJW’s under the brainwashing efforts of the likes of Bill Ayers and his wife or their fellow commie activist professors. Evidently Don Jr. has taken on the mission of going into the belly of the beast-to expose them by triggering them- a genius move for marketing a book named “Triggered”. Every time I see him with KG I get the same feeling as when a good friend introduces you to the new girlfriend and you know she is a troubled psycho. Kirk was checking out her legs at the very beginning. A quick glance would have been OK, but a three second stare on stage? Show some class.


Your comment is spot on but, I was sure you were going to post, “Run, Donny! Run!” If I had a school age kid, I’d take Ann Coulter’s advice. Push the kid to study and earn top grades. Then when it was time for college, apply to the top 10 colleges/universities in the country and take whatever acceptance letters on job interviews and skip the degree in “community organizing” altogether.


You are right, I was tempted to post that. Funny story about Don Jr. Like me, he is an avid fisherman. Milwaukee Harbor is one of the most likely places on earth to catch a brown trout over 20 pounds. Last winter he went ice fishing with a guide I use up there. Fishing was slow, but because they could put out three lines for each guide and the secret service agents, he managed to catch one in the high teens. Eric said he was a really nice guy. The vid is on you tube.


Since when has Kirk ever had class?

Susan McCall

Jr. needs a strong but silent woman – I know that sounds old-fashioned but it works. If she was to be first lady someday, she would be no different than hellary or moochie, YUCK. laura a snake in the grass as she quietly promotes ////abortion//// – I don’t know what to say about mrs. carter. All I know is being married almost 35 years I have more power than I ever realized – and it wasn’t from shooting my mouth off.


He sounds more intelligent here than in previous videos. Good to see him stand somewhat independent of his Dad. The girlfriend needs to learn to let her man speak. The day is young – young relationship – time will tell. He needs someone strong, but someone more refined perhaps, like Melania… smart and classy.

frank papandrea

aren’t they saying USA?


That’s what I thought I heard. But, in the very beginning I clearly heard “Q&A”. After that it did sound like they were chanting “USA”. As soon as I was convinced I was hearing “USA” (at about the 13:18 mark), Don Jr. responded to the crowd and specifically addressed “Q&A”. Seems to me like the whole event was a mess.


I feel like I’m watching our next president.

Gen. Stewart

The Holy Spirit move in me ,that Ivonka would be our first female President. It happened as I watched the White House televize President Trump having a phone call with the Team of Women Astronauts working outside the space capsule. I felt as though he was announcing Ivonka.


Don Jr. mother is Ivana Trump. Ivana was not born in the United States. She was a legal immigrant. I personally believe the founders used the term Natural Born Citizen (both parents citizens/born in the US. The 14th amendment makes this extremely muddy, and it has never really been tested. Note Ted Cruz will not reveal any of his birth information. That from lots of research is most likely he was born in Canada. The republican and democratic parties “Verify” the status of each candidate. There is as far as I know ZERO outside legal work done to really verify. The reason given generally for the Natural born statement is to stop outside foreign agents from infiltrating to powerful govt positions by coming to the US and having a child who they would groom. This was not a paranoid conclusion. The forefathers were very well versed in the machinations of foreign governments to infiltrate monarchies etc. to fulfill these type of goals.

SirThomas Danielle

He better dump her, it’s only gonna get worse…

Gen. Stewart

If he wants to save their relationship ? He should send her out on her own to support him. Much like Ivonka does by building on the base of women for Don senior.


Shew, Kimberly G.. (however her last name is spelled) is a hot mess! God bless Trump, Jr in this relationship. I’ve always thought Eric looks more like their dad, but I see Don Jr mimicking many of Trump, Sr’s mannerisms. Don Jr is very well-spoken, when his girlfriend allows him to talk about his book.


“When his girlfriend allows him..” Don Senior wouldn’t put up with that nonsense no do I see Melania the type to try to dominate her husband.

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