Body Language – Jeff Sessions Running For Senate


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I wouldn’t trust him now. There has to be other reasons he’s running other than his love for the Trump agenda. And if he’s so easily manipulated we sure don’t need him.


I am not so sure that Jeff will be able to win his way back in again. Besides he may be too late to help anybody. Sigh, all roads to hell are paved with good intentions. Good luck Mr. Jeff.


I’m glad Jeff Sessions is no longer AG. He lost me when he said people in pain need to take 2 aspirin and suck it up, as if that pasty faced little wimp would ever tough it out if he were in any real pain, nope, he’s a paper tiger bureaucrat, the kind that I despise.


Never trust a senator to be anything but a senator. I trust two out of 100. Sessions is weak and was easily manipulated by the lowest and weakest of all mollusk forms of life, Pencil Neck Rod Rosenstein and still believes he was right to recuse. That being said, if he can flip a seat, he can still be a useful idiot. He really should go back to Mayberry and hang out with Aunt Bea and Opie and enjoy his remaining coherent years.


I’ve never been a fan of Sessions. I cringed when Trump made him AG and figured either Trump wasn’t what he portrayed himself to be during the campaign or if he was, then Sessions would burn him. I just didn’t think he’d burn him as fast as he did. Whatever the truth is that led Sessions to recuse himself, imo, he should have immediately resigned then and there, allowing Trump to have a real AG in his corner. As far as being a strong ally, if he gets back into the Senate, I tend to think it’s only to repair his tarnished image. What this country needs is more strong candidates like those in the Freedom Caucus.

Gen. Stewart

I hope trump learned his lesson with romney”A hand once bitten”. I was 100% behind Sessions until he coward. We don’t need him ,given his history. There are plenty of young fire eaters out there. We need to bring new blood in.We need to stop thinking we need these romney’s,flakesand ryans.


Thank you, Mandy. He’s as cute as a button, lol, but I am thankful for his being honest to himself and easy to read. Refreshing in these times.

Melisa Whitt

I thought Sessions was a bad choice for AG, I always said If Sessions would have stood up to the swampy bureaucrats maybe we wouldn’t have had a 2 yr bs special counsel. Trump needed a bulldog AG, not an elf who sat on a shelf. lol

Sessions was the Senator here in Alabama, I’m not sure If we should re-elect him.

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