Body Language – Adam Schiff On John Bolton Testimony


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Pamela Brown

and of course the 2 video i want to share today are not on youtube. maybe thats why?

Pamela Brown

none the twitters link will let me share. it stays blank

Linda Wilson

Schiff is a Sociopath. Creepy! Liddle Adam Schiff what about the Standard Hotel??


He’s sadistic on many aspects of his life Hopefully that will come out soon.

Natalie F

What a condescending little man. It’s a beautiful thing when this personality type finally gets knocked down. My hope is we all get to witness Schifface’s humbling moment. I have a feeling it’s coming Nov, 2020. 😉


Thank you Mandy for sharing this one – totally agree, Schiff is completely enjoying the power he welds and doesn’t give a crap that he’s hurting the country in the process. Sadistic, enjoying the pain he’s causing – spot on analysis.

frank papandrea

He has no problem making accusations with no evidence, must have made a wonderful prosecutor. Wouldn’t surprise me that he gets whipped or is a pedophile

Didi Arte

Yes, he does enjoy the pain he is causing, and he IS sadistic. I believe this goes beyond political motivations, though it is couched in these. I believe this man is simply certifiable. He reeks of a vibe of sheer insanity.


I think your assessment of Adam Schiff is spot on, those bulging eyes of his make it impossible for him to hide his delight with this whole show.


Schiff comes/looks at the interviewer from the side often, too. He really is shifty and a snake. Can’t get his too soon, IMHO.


Every time I see this Piece of Schiff, I also see Peter Strzok. Both of those guys give me the creeps. I don’t know how you can focus on people like that without getting physically ill, Mandy. Come to think of it, many on the left are downright strange looking:

Didi Arte

Yes–so true. For me, it is almost as if there is another pair of eyes looking out from within these disgusting and divisive power-mad sociopaths.


The Democrats have a solid collection of evil, psychopathic people.
HRC, Schiff, Bill, Hussein, Omar, Motherf**cker, Newsom, the NewYork-fraction, ….
A little scary….


I have a question for Mandy. Is it possible that Schiff is a sociopath?


yes… a sadistic one

Didi Arte

I have long believed that it is MORE than possible. And flanking him now almost everywhere is his current ALSO sociopathic lapdog Swalwell!I believe that they are cut from the same insane cloth. I also believe that there is plenty of evidence that Schiff is a pedophile.


the way he walks and adjust himself…. always had me believing he wears ladies underwear….or some other contraption that is uncomfortable or painful.

Valerie Calkins



This man must be held accountable. What is the most scary is the collective mind of these ppl. The conspiring along with their boldness; it’s boggling. I hope Durham & Barr have enough solid dirt on the lot of them to see charges of at least sedition.

There was a time in America when a political party didn’t matter as much as the integrity of our democracy. To many democrats in Washington, that is no longer true.

Think about that for a moment….. Their loyalty to the Democratic Party outweighs their loyalty to the United States of America. That’s not only disturbing, that’s an unthinkable level of dangerous.

Didi Arte

I am with you on ALL points you have made. This entire debacles both angers and saddens me beyond measure. really angry cry


Before all is said and done, I would not be surprised at all if “Sack of Schiff” was involved in sadomasochistic activities in his personal life. There have been many highly suspicious activities in his district, which includes a notorious gay-trans human trafficking prostitution area. It seems to me that he feels glee from having power. He is such a notorious liar and psychopathic coward that I am surprised he is allowed to be the face of the impeachment coup, but he must be the best they have-which says a lot.


I hope justice is served… to watch these people destroy with glee is nauseating.


Well said and good point. Schiff will be outed, just wait for it.


I just wish there was video on him when he was being punked by the comedian pretending to have photos of a “naked Trump”. I still can’t stop laughing every time I hear it. One of the Republicans should play it in the next public hearing if there ever is one.

Valerie Calkins


Didi Arte

Absolutely, including but not limited to certain acts of pedophilia.


It can not end well for this guy, for something this rotten can not win. Enjoy being the tip of the spear before its plunged deeply between his shoulder blades. I agree, this lawyer is as rotten as they come and karma doesn’t like rotten people.


Come on KArma!!!

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