Body Language – Fed Rate Cut


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the Maestro




barbara jewell

so how much did he cut the rate.


The FED is evil.


0:32 “with our outlook” … He doesn’t like that “outlook”, He had sunk his head, taking air in trough his closed teeth, “Aaam”, tight lips, his jaw went into his head. That is a cluster if you ask me. He really really doesn’t like that “outlook”.

The second thing that I had noticed was vague language that he had used. Words like
“likely”, “broadly”. It as if he was a politician and not an economist.

Gen. Stewart

The federal reserve is nothing more than a shadow group of parasites ! They manipulate the world markets to their own ends.


Actually kinda sounds like he’s reading from the same notes of his last conference. Don’t see how anyone can take anything from all this gibberish.


The thing I got out of this is that the relaxed response was on the global economy and glogal trade agreements…

It seems all of our money managers are happy about a global downturn and trade fights as that is pushing negative interest rates call.


exactly Cat… that mess to me would be the most stress…but not to the fed

john kendrix

Can you share a little more about the RePo market bailout?


Perfect catch, madam. This was probably one of the most important recordings to analyse at that time when something terrible happened in financial markets (maybe in global derivatives market which size was somewhere around 500 trillion)


Jerome wore out his B.S. muscle below his lower lip. I have never seen him so squirrelly. Fearful that with negative interest rates in Europe the CB will become unnecessary and Trump will be able to do away with the Fed and put us back on the gold standard? Stakes are big- that’s what led to regime change in Libya.

Gen. Stewart

Excellent ! We Americans(common everyday citizens) need to stop thinking in just Americas condition and start thinking in Geopolitical terms.


A bear that they cannot out run. I like that analogy.


Man-Bear-Pig … I know it was about climate, but still the same level of danger.


The man’s got good reason to be so stressed. He looks to me like the perfect embodiment of everything that’s wrong with the Federal Reserve in the first place. Trump is far from pleased with this guy and lets it be known on a continuing basis. So, yes, the man has every reason to be stressed to the max now. It’s a good time to finally END THE FED!!! once and for all.

Gen. Stewart

Germany rose to be the wealthiest country in Europe(During the 1930’s) once they kicked the bankers out . While America and England was in a deep depression. The business deals that America had with Germany during that time put thousands of people to work in America.Fed thousands of people that otherwise would have starved.

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