Body Language – James Clapper NOT Currently Fearful


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I would be VERY stressed if I was being investigated for something I did not do. Something’s not right here.

Bonnie Hawkins

Thank you. smile

Hatti Nuff

Clapper doesn’t show fear because he’s been programmed to believe he’s above the law. BUT … guilt is written ALL over him! When the SHTF, he’ll start singing like an opera star, point fingers and try to project his guilt everywhere else. I read his body language the first time I saw him – and had an immediate creepy feeling. poo poo poo

Romo Shovel

This guy’s some some nasty cheese. Alot of it. He’s gonna use it


Just another Comey believes the rules don’t apply to him because he in his ultimate wisdom knows what’s best. Wonder if they teach that in our three letter agencies.


He reminds me of a young psychopath I once worked with when I was under the delusion that they might listen to reason. I was trying to persuade him that he might want to think about the potential consequences of breaking into and robbing houses. He looked at me like I was nuts and said- “so you want me to jinx myself?!”


amazing how short sighted some can be


Clapper looks like he feels he is well-insulated against any attack, sadly. I am past ready for him to get his.


I uh uh have to uh agree with uh Mandy on uh this one. No, it isn’t fear. It’s selecting what thoughts come out of his mouth. He is really quite full of himself and he thinks that although there’s a huge storm brewing, he will come out of it just fine and dandy. And maybe he will, considering all the crap so many seem to have gotten away with so far. But, if he sees that he won’t be okay, then he will not hesitate to point the finger at Obama, and cite each chapter and verse, and thereby vindicate himself (in his eyes, anyway). I suspect hubris is his guide.


he believes himself to be our superior.


To think that Clapper was one of our highest ranked officials. Thanks O.


makes your wonder about a lot of things

James Nick

I have to disagree. I have had my share of training and experience in detecting fear and dishonesty. Clapper is about to lose his digested food. This man is terrified. Bear in mind, he was prob. trained or attended training in lie and emotion detection. He is prob. trying to apply it to some degree, failing miserably.


I have to say I agree with you. He’s stuttering more than usual, but he is a trained liar and deceiver so that should kick in for him somewhere. He’s also taking questions from “friendly fire” and an audience that believes CNN nonsense. They live in a bubble you know. JMO


contrary to popular belief…the govt doesn’t train anyone to lie.

James Nick

Backward engineering. They teach detection. The Reed technique, etc. Those who actually learn how to detect lies can then think, if i’m giving a statement, what must I do or not do to appear to be telling the truth? So, in essence, the Gov. teaches people to be better liars. Unless of course, they are idiots like clapper.


you should have watched the video i did on the FBI’s body language expert

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