Body Language – Lindsey Graham On Al Baghdadi


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Bombards should do an analysis of Graham’s anti impeachment video warning to the Democrats right after he led a House censure of Trump’s order to leave Syria. His body language was nervous and his voice seemed a bit weak and quivering as he attempted to show support for Trump. He seemed emotionally conflicted, as when you trash a friend publicly then come back soon thereafter to garner support for the friend you just trashed.


What if you were involved in the Obama, McCain, Kerry (replacing Crooked Hillary) running of armaments to sketchy, unvetted militants in Libya and later Syria to create regime change in those nations, which ended up in the hands of ISIS and used against Americans and others? What if your fingerprints are on some of these transfers, or you acted as a bagman through Saudi Arabia, or photos exist of you with “rebels”, who turned out later to be ISIS leaders? What if your buddy or blackmailer, noname, was directly involved in the transfer of the Steele Dossier to the press and it is about to come out in the IG report? Might account for some of the stress you see and make you want to latch on to Trump’s successful strategy and hope your name does not come out while you count your donations from defense contractors. Just think back to his body language with Huma “Muslim Brotherhood” Abedin and the stares it attracted from Kelly and Mattis at noname’s funeral. He might be able to be used as a temporary ally, but my axiom “never trust a senator” applies as usual.


Great comment! Thank you for laying it out there so well.


Thanks. When you realize what has been going on for the last several decades and how dirty 95% of these people are it is hard to see allies anywhere. Mostly useful crooks or idiots at best.


Not sure if I can trust anyone in the Senate, especially the ones that have been around for a while. I think that they change sides as they go and Lindsey seems like on the them. I really liked his performance during the Kavannaugh’s hearings, so I did like Mrs. Collin’s (she had a terrific speech! ) but I don’t see them on the side of the people. They are on their own sides. It always amazes me to see how Mindy’s mind scans these guys entire bodies and tells us more than words ever could. I am learning a thing or two from these videos and my twin teens are now very surprised at how I “find out things”… ehehehe smile Great video, as always!

Gen. Stewart

I don’t like Graham a little bit ! When I think of a lying conniving politician,I have a mental image of Graham.I think that Trump has the dirt on graham and turned him when McStain died.


Have to agree with you on your first sentence. Not so sure about your second sentence, though. I tend to think he is in political survival mode and his instincts guide him now that McStain is gone. I could see his duplicity in this video lesson, especially during the written speech portion. I just don’t trust Graham.


Shew, that Graham must be in a pickle, or thinks he is. Sure was tight & withholding, especially behind the podium. Quite a contrast!


To me he appears to have been reluctantly dragged onboard the Trump plan for the area.
He can’t say it was a horrible idea anymore and that must be difficult.

I really like Lindsay Graham…. I am not sure why considering he is a war monger.

Cherian Jacob

This man is a snake. He’s the real mole in the whole scheme of things. He some how managed to slip in the fact that its going to be a new strategy with a few American soldiers on the ground, and to use Syrian Oil to aid the Kurds. And of course, Iranians are the Bad guys.

This is wrong, and it is definitely not what Trump wants. Lindsey is beholden to all kinds of people who are pulling the strings one of which is Israel. This whole speech of his is contrived, fake and false. There are the obvious bad guys, but then there are the not so obvious ones.

He reminds me of Mat Damons character in the movie The Departed. This man is not going to get to the bottom of anything and will do everything he can to keep Americans in the Middle east. The only worry I have is that he can very well flip the senate incase trump insists on leaving Syria and impeachment in congress garners enough votes to go through.



She can’t call him out because Mandy is teaching us how to see tells in people’s minute body language.
What we can do is put that together with his words and actions.

We all know he is a war monger….

So many people are losing their ability to read body language so end up just believing the words.
But you are spot on with your opinion of him… unfortunately

Cherian Jacob

Thank you for your reply Cat. I think it’s safe to say that given we are on the same channel, that we are also on the same side. For me, peace is the conviction with which i follow what is happening in the United States and the world. I am very sensitive to any threat to this process. I genuinely think Trump is a good man doing the impossible. Quite frankly, I don’t know how he is doing it !
Thank you Mandy for your work !


Useful notes


Graham made quite a flip-flop from his McCain days to being a POTUS ally. It’s good to see his new footing is believable. Thanks.


he really did. it’s glaring reversals and hypocrisy that are most obvious, but the din of small inconsistencies is what drives me to feel the way I do about politicians.

He plays golf with the President often, so I don’t feel as bad about him as I used to… as always, what what he does.

Romo Shovel

Oh this is good. Really enjoy your work

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