Body Language – Tulsi Gabbard On Hannity


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Russ Botto

Democrats don’t like her because she would be reluctant to agree to their big phony hoaxes and might rat them out.


She’s a pretty puppet that has common sense and well spoken, reminds me of someone who had 2 terms because he was also a charmer.


I have employed 4 people who belong to her religious sect in Honolulu. There is a large amount of negative publicity on her guru Chris Butler. He has to get analysis from Dr B!


Thanks for doing that one.

As a note, I’m having issues getting your videos to load on Brave Browser.


Mandy. Always remember that the higher you move up the military food chain, the more you run into individuals who aren’t soldiers. They are POLITICIANS. The most striking example is Colon Powell who maneuvered his Race into an upper echelon Military rank, to Secretary Of State. He managed to find none existent WMDs in Iraq (mobile Chem. Labs.) and led America to a war we are still fighting.


Thank you Mandy. Exacatacaly, she didn’t answer the questions. She went all ‘Politician”. And I don’t like it. I believe that’s partly what got Trump his votes; no PC slickafied drivel. Just organic facepalm whoppers lol. Also, didn’t like it when she said “Hunter Biden is a grown man. He can be held accountable for his own actions.”…. Really; we know he ‘can’ be.This was another political side step. Great call as usual… We do see where her loyalties lie (*coughvotescough*).


If I were a democrat then I would most likely vote for her….. but I am not…. lol

She is the sanest of all of them … and in reality probably the one that would give a serious run for her money.

Theo Colettis

Yes I agree on all counts. As soon as I saw her and listened to her speeches I said to myself Wow, if the Dem’s nominate her Trump has a run for his money. She is likeable and has charisma and I really haven’t seen or even heard of a time where she has had a really bad moment. I look at the way that the Dem nomination process is going and I expect that it will be a brokered convention that will probably be decided by the super-delegates in the second round.


So good to hear your take on it. I like what I see of her and now I know it’s really just portrayal and scripted speeches. That’s a bummer! Not that I would ever vote for her — I see her policies. She just seems more sensible than the rest of the pack, though I know she is not. Thanks so much for this!


Yeah, I definitely would have liked Hannity to have challenged some of her answers, and corrected her misuse of democracy when the USA is a Republic.


Glad you did this one because I watched it intently as it aired and read it identically to your analysis. Tulsi stands out in the Democrat field because she is not psychotic or psychopathic and has a likable personality. She also is opposed to “war mongering” as she calls it. She tends not to be deceptive, but she is still a liberal Democrat and that small head movement up and to the right each time the actions of her fellow leftists were questioned shows that. The stress smile and laugh was even more dramatic the first time I saw it, when Hannity repeatedly asked her about the indefensible conduct of Hunter Briben. She knew she was busted on that one. To her credit, she did the “kid caught in the cookie jar” stress smile and laugh instead of resorting to the usual deceptive and avoidant talking points that 99% of her fellow leftists would use. She would make a great neighbor. Commander-in-Chief, not so much.


LOL I was thinking the same thing! She is likable, honest and, apparently, loyal; qualities one would look for in a friend. But, as the leader of the free world, uh… no.


Yes. She does have good qualities and good character overall. Not suitable for a POTUS but probably make a very good Ambassador or Diplomat. Strong enough but loyal and likeable.


diplomat would definitely fit her


Hello Mandy,

Tulsi Gabbard does have a hidden past. There are more articles like this going back years, to when she first started into politics in Hawaii. It is apparently very true. Some of the articles I have read might be over the top. However her husband is also connected to this “cult” in Hawaii. Her father and mother are also. Some of the cult beliefs (this group is not considered a Hindu organization by most from what I have read). She has done quite a lot to keep this out of the news. Here are a few articles that discuss the leader of this cult she appears to have grown up in. Her husband also. This link is from a former member note the date the article was written, it is 4 years old. here is another TO BE FAIR, here is an article that tries to debunk that it is a cult etc. I have read it also, and have to say, it is not very convincing in the attempt to make Chris Butler into just a victim. To much evidence and a whistleblower long before she hit the national stage.

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