Body Language – Facebook CEO On Free Speech


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Beyond all the body language, I’m just not sure how anyone could trust a guy with hair like that. grin

Jeff Sharkey

Hey Mandy, Your body language skills are amazing, but I thought they only worked on humans. So I was impressed that you can see thru Space Lizards also. smile

Is Zuckerberg psychopath adjacent or something ? I’ve never seen anyone who looked less human than he does.

You mentioned that you’re writing a book, Do you have a rough date yet (2019, 2020, 2021), so we know when we can buy it ?

frank papandrea

Warren wants FB to decide who is lying in their ads?


Nothing true about him. Everything he does is a lie.


Mandy, I think you do a great job. I have always been interested in body language as well as handwriting. I would like to know more but there is very little other information on it that I have found that I can study. Can you or some of the subscribers help me with this? Thanks so very much.


im writing a book. my best advise, is to understand people… then you understand body language


Just sprayed forth black coffee when you said, with horror, “and he’s getting closer to his crotch as he does it!”😂


Excellent analysis and great comments in this thread! One thing that bothered me was that I never saw any expression in his eyes, except when he gave a brief smile near the end. It wasn’t a full blown beam either, just a really teeny twinkle, barely noticeable. There was no accessing memory in his eye movements, but with all the self petting his was doing, there certainly was full knowledge that he was showing himself to be a hypocrite.


Zuckerberg has always presented to me as either a robot or lizard person.

alie fox

I’m beginning to wonder if the alien lizard people are real. Look at Adam Seiff’s eyes and Zukerburgs eyes. They both have freaky eyes.


C_A front. He’s a fraud.


For some reason I don’t feel comfortable around people without eyelashes and eyebrows :-/ Looks like a CNN interview to me, like the one they did with Hunter Biden. Fox is becoming more and more a deception, which is sad.




I think he looks like something from Star Trek. Some bi-planetary life form, from the Borg and Spock mating.

Gen. Stewart

There is proof that facebook inserted themselves in the 2016 elections. I think that this interview is an attempt to get ahead of the fallout thats going to happen when they do it in 2020. What is really upsetting to me is the deceptive way that Fox is subtly moving to the left. New leftist board members.Leftist personality interviews and,so called analyst . You see a beak,You see a sneak !


Thank you Mandy! Honestly, I can barely watch this guy. He’s like the creepy boy behind the curtain with all his lies. He has led the charge in everything he says he is against. Such gross hypocrisy. And in the most underhanded way possible. FB arbitrarily penalizes and silences ppl daily without explanation or cause, while they manufacture, control, and disseminates false information as objective facts. FB and Google have become like real life megalomaniacs. I think if we knew the half of it, it would shock beyond belief.

Gen. Stewart

I can’t believe this comment got a thumbs down ! Must be a dumbass democrat.


A few things: I am disappointed in Dana Perino for the softballs she lobbed at Zuckerberg and for not challenging any of his answers. Secondly, this is rich coming from the man whose platform labeled the Declaration of Independence as hate speech. He has recently testified in front of Congress, again. There are so many restrictions on free speech, not expression as he phrased it, across all social media platforms that it’s ridiculous.


China has more free speech than America right now.


that is scary


Absolutely no belief. Absolute puppet. Does Harvard University have oral communication classes? Did he miss that one?

Body Language: hunched over posture, petting self, stuttering/stammering, rehearsed answers to long questions, no singing in his body.


Are you aware that he’s a grandchild to a Rothschild?


i didnt know that


Hi GaryC, do you have a reference for this? I’d like to see it. I can’t remember off hand about this info. Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised.


Not surprised. They all seem to be related.


I made a mistake. He’s grandchild to David Rockefeller, not Rothschild. According to this article and some other info I found.

As an aside the last name Zuckerberg means “candy mountain”. It’s not his real name.


Excuse me, I just looked up Mark Zuckerberg and found this on Wikipedia:

On May 28, 2017, Zuckerberg received an honorary degree from Harvard.

He may have went to Harvard, but he dropped out.

Do you know the scam honorary degrees are? I know, because I researched this information. Honorary degrees are paid for. They cost $100,000 to $200,000 or more. That’s right, honorary degrees are bought, just like a diploma mill.


Thats insane!… one day ill buy one . XD

Israel Herskovitz


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