Body Language – Buzz Aldrin Pilot On The Apollo 11 Mission


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Just calculate curvature for 10 miles.
Or maybe calculate the mean orbital velocity using official NASA numbers in miles per hour.
Don’t use rounded up/down numbers, be accurate and calculate it yourself. NASA specifies it using kilometers/second, but it’s easy to convert that.
And then ask yourself, what are the odds of that, and where these digits are showing up elsewhere.
And when that makes you wonder, just look for a large lake, so large that b/c of curvature you shouldn’t be able to see for example buildings on the other side. Visit that place and take pictures yourself using a camera that can zoom pretty far. And then compare what your photos show with the official numbers + math regarding curvature. Results may be surprising.


That was just fun i like him i know what it means to constantly have to reposition because of pain. I give him kudos for stiil being jovial when he hurts. Thanks, Mandy


Very interesting. Glad I got to see this and thanks for doing it.


Not saying that this happened, but… with a nod to: Frank Olson, Project Artichoke and the Church Committee, would a person who has been professionally brainwashed be detectable by body language?


Thanks for doing this one. It didn’t lay to rest the moon hoax though. His visuals could have come from something other than the alleged moon landing, like doing it all on a tv set. Looking down at parts of Texas…? Would Texas be discernible form that distance? Maybe. Went to his emotional when he “went down the ladder”…and “he is more uncomfortable” when talking about the landing…slight visual memory, dominated by emotional memory…due to his age or not…does not lay to rest the moon hoax.

Birgit Michael

I was never a ‘space’ fan. IMHO we got enough issues on this planet to worry about /fix/research . The oceans depths are much more fascinating to me .I figure anyone a BUZZ’s levels is told to lie to the public at more than one occasion, like all of hollyweird people, all politicians who been installed.


Thank you, Mandy. This was quite enjoyable. smile

I’m not into the hoax theory stuff nor any cover-ups regarding outer space. From what I’ve heard, people bifurcate a real moon landing from a filmed one (Kubric, allegedly). What’s more plausible is “both,” where a filmed landing was made as a backup to show the public if communications were lost before the landing itself, etc. As they say, “Why not both?” I don’t hear that idea ever. What’s more important with this video is showing us how to extend understanding to others, such as seeing Buzz’s painful condition and his genuine attitude. That’s a real adult. We should imagine how he put his fear aside given all the potential for tragic errors, instead of focusing on it. Toady, we’re encouraged to focus on our own emotions–not generally on emotions, but our own emotions–further warping society. These guys focused on the task at hand. We’ll never have another Buzz Aldrin.

Jeremy Dankiw

Whats with the bracelets?


Also: What was the original surname of Buzz’s mother?
What are the odds of that?

Travis Lehman


Melisa Whitt

Buzz being able to keep his sense of humor with his medical issues and the pain that comes with it is good to see, it also helps. I will raise the question no one brought up yet…. what conditions back in the day was Buzz’s body subjected to for extended amounts of time every day, flight training, NASA training, the conditions of being in a rocket taking off, space itself, re-entering our atmosphere? The conditions back then were probably very different from today’s conditions, I would still think that today’s conditions are still pretty rough on one’s body long term.

This was nice to see, It would be really nice if one of these old-timers would tell us what they really saw up there. I do believe that Nasa, military and our Govt know way more than they tell us. sad I also believe we are not the only planet to have life on it. The ancient Egyptians certainly believed aliens came to help them, they put it in hieroglyphs. smile

Thanks, Miss Mandy, the other day I saw a tweet of yours, I had forgotten how fun your videos are. A couple years ago I watched your videos on youtube, I liked learning what tells to look for, especially in politicians. Your videos had stopped coming up in my youtube notifications and when I checked I wasn’t subscribed to your channel any longer. This website fixed that, thank you smile


Despite his obvious medical issues (Mandy – you’re right about the RA presentation, meds & it being an autoimmune disorder), I love his deadpan delivery. What a hoot and handful he must have been prior to the unimaginable pain. Noticed the socks right away & glad he showed them off. #USA


It would be interesting to see an interview of the astronauts who used the Lunar Rover vehicles that covered between 26 and almost 40 kilometers in multiple directions each day during the Apollo 15, 16 and 17 missions. They certainly would have been more likely to see evidence of previous visitors. I probably watched them with Walter Cronkite on our black and white Zenith back in the day. All I remember is that interviews with astronauts were a lot like athletes. Big on clichés and short on information. Unlike most, Buzz seems to have fun being on camera. Thanks, Mandy.


How could you doubt a man like that? Good job, I enjoyed this one a lot!


I like Buzz’ sense of humor. Thank you for doing this, Mandy. It helps put my mind to rest regarding moon hoax.

Personally I think the crew saw something that not only discouraged them from returning but encouraged them to destroy certain aspects of the technology used to get there.

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