Body Language – Hunter Biden

Body Language - Hunter Biden

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Wendy Hall

What a useless but cute douche. He is cute. But an utterly useless individual. A non-person, an empty suit with a nice face and a name. Nepotism at its worst.


Well now… just tell us how you feel about him lmao

Ursula Leach

There is something about this guy that scares me. Looking at his eyes I feel he is ruthless, mean, self centered and narcissistic. He’ll walk over dead bodies without a care as long as he gets to his goal.

Birgit Michael

Where is the section where he ‘nearly bawled’ ? That was hilarious part

Jeremy Dankiw

This is his home? Weird how there is a formica counter top and wood paneling in the kitchen. For a guy who was making $50,000 per month and got 1.5 billion from China I call bullshit on this. What is the purpose of an interview in a 1960,s style home?


I’d love to see a video on a Tulsi Gabbard interview. My inclination was to like her pretty well compared to the rest of the field, but something about her eyes and facial expressions when she was being interviewed by Tucker (I think it was him) were very off to me. I want to believe she is genuine.

Bonnie Hawkins



When the Demtards talk about white supremacy and white sexist men, this is the guy they should be referring to along with his geriatric daddy and child molester-Joe Biden. It would be so nice if we can get all the Swamp people on a plane at the same time and oops….the plane crashes into the Pacific ocean never to resurface.

Chicago Diver

Thanks Mandy. Your point about the classes is really great. Tough one for you due to all the edits. It’s frustrating because you know the media is doing everything they can to push their narrative so if you’re able to get this much after all of their manipulation imagine how bad the raw footage must be. Great catch on the possible attorney objection. God I would have loved to be a fly on the wall on this one.


Vanity Fair said Hunter’s divorce papers allege “blown money on prostitutes, strip clubs, and drugs”. Spending extravagantly on his own interests (hallucinations, a car abandoned in the desert, maxed-out credit cards, a crack pipe, and a brandished gun – NYPost). WHILE leaving the family with no funds to pay legitimate bills. His name/email was on Ashley Madison’s customer list. He was discharged from the Navy after testing positive for cocaine. He married his current wife 10 days after they met. Washington Post piece [The Hunter Biden story is a troubling tale of privilege] said: “…directionless Hunter has a six-figure job at a bank run by Biden supporters. When Hunter grows bored, there’s another lucrative job under the tutelage of a former Biden staffer. When Hunter wants a house he can’t afford, he receives a loan for 110 percent of the purchase price. And when he goes bust, another friendly banker mops up the damage.” … The enabling of such an inept lacking any grain of character is grotesque. The Biden’s are poster boys for the corrupt & entitled establishment that is destroying America.

Freckle Juice

Do you intend on doing all the sons of Democratic politicians that have recently worked for Ukrainian gas companies, or just this one?

alie fox

He makes me not trust him because there are too many eye movements when she ask him open-ended questions. He has a need to explain himself. That is a red flag in my opinion.


It never ceases to amaze at the arrogance of the political class. Just like our ex-governor of Illinois when he got caught trying to shake people down for Hussain’s Senate seat. “Everybody does this-why am I being singled out?” How dare Rudy and the President question our system of laundering taxpayer money through wars and foreign aid into kickbacks to family members! His weaselly attorney also used lawyer speak by saying “Hunter has not yet received any payments from the 1.5 billion deal with China” when the truth is that he has not yet cashed in his 20 million dollar equity in the company. Read “Secret Empires” by Peter Schweitzer for more atrocities- The vast majority of Congress is doing the same thing. I read it almost 3 years ago- funny it took so long to make it into the media-forced by Rudy and Trump. People need to wake up and throw these crooks out.


Honestly, I think he’s looking down at her cleavage.

Eileen Guthrie

Mandy, did you ever do the Joe Biden video where he brags about what he did in his son’s investigation? I’d like to see that one from you and what he gives away in his body language. Can you do one on Pelosi’s recent meltdown where she claims Trump had a meltdown, too? Thank you for your consideration.


Ill try and get the the AAA congress woman up monday

Susan McCall

Great work as usual Mandy. I noticed the water in the glass – when you mentioned the ‘cutting of footage’, notice the water in the glass at 4:26. By 4:31 the water was moving in the glass and guess what? We didn’t see him drink any water in the 9 min. of this video. Around 6:49 there is still water, but by 6:57 it more or less continues to rock back and forth, never seeing the drinking from that glass. Total fraud of an interview but that is to be expected.


Good catch

Susan McCall

Thank you Mandy! My son is a forensics specialist and I think he got his interest from me – just bragging. It actually began with the OJ trial and the beginning of DNA lab work. Then the tv shows: CSI and NCIS. We are always talking about crimes but not body language. (he calls it murderporn) A long time ago I dabbled with handwriting analysis – that has been fun but many people don’t write much cursive on plain paper anymore. It’s all fascinating to me.

alie fox

Very observant of you. They did a lot of edits in this interview.

Gen. Stewart

WoW , Good catch !

Jeremy Dankiw

The water does not seem to ever differ in the cup and it can move by the table shifting. You would not need to move the glass directly. The table being bumped can do the exact same thing to the water in the glass.

Susan McCall

Yes Jeremy you are right – and there could have been an earthquake as well. You sound like my son – so very technical but he has to be. I admit I am an amateur. He once had a case where it all came down to a drop of blood on the ceiling – which way did the drop come from and end up there? (Which direction did the drop come from?)

Ursula Leach

Stop finding excuses for this sham of a man

Gen. Stewart

Him,John Carey’s son and Whitey Bolgers Mafia nephew are all just bagmen for their fathers.They put the money in a offshore account and the fathers transfer it to their offshore accounts. None of these people are ever going to be prosecuted !


I have been waiting for this one!!! I wish there would have been more. Thank you so much for doing this. I’m REALLY looking forward to one on Schiff as well. That man makes my skin crawl.


Mandy has done a video on Schiff before (with Nancy). Ditto on the skin crawling!

alie fox

I’d like to see one on Californias Governor Newsom.

alie fox

I’m looking forward to Schiff and Nancy maybe Governor Newsom of California. I live in northern California, you know that town that burnt down. I am living in the mess these people have created. I’m tired of being lied to!


Thank you for doing Hunter, Mandy. Please correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t Hunter the son with the drug addiction, who was living with his brother’s widow? Then, when that attracted too much media attention for his father’s presidential campaign, he randomly married some lady after dating for two months? Yeah, $50,000/month is good money for sitting on a board. 🙄😳

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