Body Language – Trump Vs Military–Industrial Complex


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Linda Wilson

Here is hoping Brennan is tortured then hung along with Comey, Clapper, McCabe, Obama, Clintons, and all who have been involved in the betrayal of this country and the People. Lets just hope that Mc Stain got what was coming to that Treasonous POS that should have been hung during the Nixon administration. GHWB is another Evil POS that hopefully was executed. Every Dog has it’s day and Ironically the day after Mc Stain was executed it was National Dog Day. JFK warned us in his speech to the press, Eisenhower warned us about the Military Industrial Complex and so many courageous individuals warned us who where eventually murdered or classified as a conspiracy theorist. The Rogue Clowns in America have become the Enemy of the people. They have carried out black ops with the Agenda to take our weapons and used Psyops to cause and instill fear so we would give up our freedoms for false security. Almost every tragic major event including 9/11. Which should all be exposed and all involved hung.


what speech is this?


i cant find the original video. help!


Why does it say I have already voted when I was never signed in?


You’re not gonna do anything on Greta? Cmon, you’re missing so many home runs!


I’m curious a about the two behind him They look like they’re giving each other cues in a ballgame.


LOL that guy in the grey jacket looked uncomfortable but did smirk at the right time and unfolded his arms and relaxed on the loss of life issue so he is in agreement with Trump on that.

Mandy I am stunned you have not heard or blue on green attacks. We hear about them here in Australia, not as much as they use to report them but we are told.

I guess the pro war media think it would sway the people against the middle east war against terrorism if they knew even the friendlies want to kill you.

These countries have fought amongst themselves for decades if not centuries and there is NOTHING we as a Western Civilization can do to change them.

They would kill their own mother for their religious beliefs and that is what their wars are over… forget oil…


I just learned about blue on green attacks a couple of days ago, while watching a Trump rally on TV. I’ve never even heard of it before and I do watch/read a lot of news and current events. I believe you nailed it, Cat. Our news in the USA is and has been censored. In this case, for the reason you supposed.


These videos and insights give me continued hope that President Trump will be able to achieve much of what we sent him to Washington to do. Thank you ( and thank your military son you mentioned also!)


Another great video, thank you.


If he’s bucking the MIC, then Trump has every reason to be tense. Like BethJ, I was distracted by the two fellas behind the President. I’m pretty sure one was Mark Meadows, of the Freedom Caucus. He was in agreement with Trump. Does anyone know who the other guy is? His body language seemed curious to me. I don’t know if he was conveying disagreement, discomfort, or something else. Mandy, would you mind commenting on that, please? His body language was too pronounced for me to ignore. Thanks.


I am not 100% sure about the other guy, but he sort of resembles David Norquist, the Deputy Secretary of Defense. He was squirming and got all gated when the President was talking about writing death letters to the families of fallen soldiers. The guy on the left is Meadows. It would make sense if it were Norquist, since it would make him quite uncomfortable for the President to correctly imply that soldiers are getting needlessly killed because we insist on intervening in other nations civil wars. The reality is that there are no true allies in that area since their sectarian blood lust outweighs anything else in their world. They are all medieval uncivilized savages.


Thank you, Mandy. Was also watching two of the fellas behind the President. Thankful for your insights!

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