Body Language – John Brennan & Ukraine Whistle Blower


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Good, hard working, law abiding Americans are due unbiased proceedings garnering tremendous testicular fortitude against anyone guilty of treason. These persons must face the full extent & penalty of the law for their crimes. There are ppl who colluded thinking they could commit acts of sedition & treason… AND get away with it! This needs to stun like an ice-water bath when comprehending the level of organized corruption & lawlessness. Justice must be served. Thank you Mandy.


Check out a baseline of Brennen here :


He is totally different non-verbally . wow.


Ick. He gives me the creeps…


i just want to repeat myself and tell you how much i enjoy you <3


Glad to get this political analysis from you, Mandy. I presume the man to Brennan’s left is his attorney? As you said, Brennan is “turtling” (enough that this novice noticed!) and also was lying about not knowing the details (again, enough that I noticed the tells!). Is he so arrogant that he thinks no one will see his lies, or is he simply playing his role? Hope all is well with you and your family, Mandy!


Excellent analysis.


John Brennan, according to Kevin Shipp installed the CIA Oficer WB in the WH in 2016 for most likely this purpose if needed, and just to have an ear. Mr. Shipp is an ex CIA Class 1 officer. A REAL whistle blower. The link is to an interview he just gave. He has a twitter account also from there you will find other sources such as Crowd Source the Truth (youtube) and Patreon.



Seen Antifa lately, wonder what they could be up to. Those amateur stick wielding kids. Maybe taking some training in real close quarters street combat, that is perhaps true, and is a strong “rumor”. Rule one among those of us who train and know this type of Art. when they have a knife or other blade RUNNNNN if possible.


I believe this is Leslie Buck (young guy) in this video. Trained with Leslie years ago when I was an staff instructor and he a student. His school is in Austin if you’re in the area. There are many forms of Kali as there are Phillipine islands. Among those of us who have studied many Martial arts. Most of us agree, Kali is where we spend most of our Time training. AND if you’re a female, no problem, in fact I and many others believe Females seem to pick up the sticks (used to train, and a weapon, live blades can be messy ;)) and have a knack for it. The one thing I believe and many others and it is being said outloud in the media about t he Coup plotters. THEY WILL NOT STOP,… sooo where does that lead. Lets hope not


But it’s ok to lie now. I think that’s taught in schools now. It’s really getting harder to tell if someone is telling the truth these days.

Eileen Guthrie

I despise and loath this jackass, John Brennan. I believe he’s a malignant narcissist, pathological liar and a psychopath. He’s an angry, hateful, intolerant, arrogant, hostile, aggressive and belligerent. He ALWAYS has the same hostile, angry scowl on his face and those dead beady eyes. From everything that I’ve read and the numerous podcasts, the first whistleblower is a Brennan loyalist and a 25-year covert CIA agent and a leaker names Sue Gordon, so they are NOT a whistleblower. Of course, he knew, they worked for him and they were his ears and eyes in the CIA in the Trump Administration. He might not be the director of the CIA, but there are still enough loyalist and deep staters to him still in the agency and he still has his security clearance. As I keep reading his tweets, he’s in a panic as are the rest of these traitors. After decades of selling out our country to the highest bidder, committed sedition and treason, they will FINALLY be held accountable because they aren’t in control anymore. IT’S ABOUT TIME and long overdue.


This psychopath gives turtles a bad name. Station Chief in Saudi Arabia on 911 and rumored to have given approval for the visas of the hijackers. Head of CIA and caught completely flat footed when Russia occupied Crimea. Strikes me as one of the types of psychopaths who has no fear because he has never been held accountable. Interesting that he makes a statement that it is time for whistleblowers to come forth and we have a parade of CIA spies and leakers making accusations to protect their own. Hope justice is served on this traitor.

Gen. Stewart

Your correct on the accountability. That is why Washington has sunk to the pathetic disgusting state that it is in. We have sent these people to Washington in good faith that they would do as they had taken an oath to do. When in reality they are the worst of us.We need to hang these traitors as a warning for those that take the oath of office and violate the trust.


We didn’t send those traitors to DC. They were appointed to their positions, whether by qualifications and/or recommendations from people in high places. Plenty of creatures lurking deep in that swamp and in the surrounding areas. I’ve never been too keen on capital punishment, until now. Hang ’em! It seems to be the only way to put a halt to it and save our country.

Gen. Stewart

You are correct in the fact of S.E.S.placed Bureaucrats. I was referring to the ELECTED officials like Pelosi,Schiff,Biden,Warren,Harris and the list just keeps going. If it were up to me ,I would hang them from the overpasses.Going and coming into Washington,as a warning to others that violate their oath of office.


It will take a while to root out more of the corrupt appointees of an unvetted, anti-American socialist. At least the swamp has been exposed to more people by the current President. As I attempt to awaken people I come into contact with, it is surprising how many vote with no discernment whatsoever based on projection or media manipulation. The last particle of trust in any legacy media was destroyed in the run up to Obama. Just a minimal amount of research done in my spare time revealed a questionable background, many elements of which were hidden, association with known radical communists, race hustlers, shady criminals and that he had paid no property taxes on his home that was obtained under fishy circumstances. I told many friends in other states that anyone who is successful in Illinois politics is by definition, crooked, to no avail. I have turned a few of those to whom I predicted his level of corruption. All we can do is keep trying and prepare.


I will only be able to picture him as a turtle now… wish I could make memes but that ain’t my thing. 🐢🐢

Gen. Stewart

If I could just have 30 minutes with him ! Hoping all is well with baby and family. Things seem to be looking good for hubby and family across the pond.

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