Body Language – Joan Rivers

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Ricardo Torres

I have not seen that clip in a long time.

Celine Horan

She died from a routine operation she’d had done before. But I found it strange how the doctor who did the procedure showed no concern or empathy for not doing the job properly. She was like…, Oh well, Ho-hum kind of attitude. It was a routine operation that she’d had done before but the Doctor didn’t follow through with the procedure and didn’t give a good reason as to why not. I found it all very strange. My first thought was, who would want this woman killed? Almost everyone I should imagine. She did tend to keep it real, and too real for some folk’s liking. I think it was just a matter of time before she was taken. All very sad.


In college, I worked in an ER and OR as a pharmacy technician. My job was to draw up code medications at bedside traumas and make IV’s (under the supervision of a pharmacist of course). But I was exposed to allot of death and suffering. As a college student that was definitely not something I thought about before. It’s a long story how I got into that job… But being exposed to all of that, troubled me at first; but after a few months I definitely became desensitized for lack of a better word. I still cared, but it was almost a coping skill. My eyes were definitely opened; and that job did help me to better accept death as a part of life and I definitely thought about my own mortality in a way I had not before. Most of the staff were caring people but they learned to distance themselves emotionally. I think it is something you have to do.

Cindy Delk

I actually doubted about Michelle, til I saw her say this. Not surprised that she’s not with us anymore, because of it.

Micahla Vaccaro

You say I have access to crime series and interesting minds but when I click on them I am told I don’t have access. Help?

Micahla Vaccaro

I thought with the registration I automatically got the silver but maybe I don’t?

Elizabeth Nurmi

Ditto. I don’t know what to do, either. Frustrating because I love the videos.

Stormy Magiera

Do you have samples of each category so I can decide what level I’d enjoy most?


sorry I posted twice. . .


Most will intuitively know Joan Rivers is telling the truth here, Okay, HER truth. But isn’t it strange, how completely believable this clip is, how weighty it is –– particularly considering how short as it is? Stranger still, is that she mysteriously died as an out patient two weeks later. What I believe is that the “Clinton-Obama Cartel” have way too much influence. They had her murdered for this. They knew she’d be questioned further by the paparazzi about this and they couldn’t trust her. The people responsible, those that killed her, and anyone in the know, is scared to reveal the truth because they know they would be next.


I’m wondering about the time line for this video and when she died. when she answered the pap it was almost as if everyone knew this information and she was irritated by the question.


Hi Mandy and Rhys, I can’t access the Joan Rivers video.


I can now view the video.


Thanks for doing the video Mandy!

Madie Ragg

hey, it says I do not have access to this vid eventho I have this gold membership and am logged in. maybe you can help. thanks!

Tamara SLOCK

I have the same problem.

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