Body Language – Trump United Nations Assembly


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please do Pelosi’s son Paul Pelosi on an interview about his business dealings in Ukrane on Ukraine’s television:×720/fq0yzhcHiZry9Fli.mp4?tag=10


If I supported someone giving a speech and they were being dissed and I saw it, I would be pissed. Or maybe he wasn’t happy about Trumps plans with the Ukraine situation. We may never know. Unless he becomes the next one out the revolving door. Then we’ll know they weren’t happy with each other.

Michelle McClughen

We can’t assume Pompeo is angry with President Trump. We don’t know what interactions Pompeo may have had with other nations’ delegates or what he may have overheard. Let’s hope he’s not another Deep State Globalist.


Trump is really in enemy territory at the UN. He is throwing down about nationalism and putting your people first, which is what 90% of that room do not believe in. Pompeo was listening intently, but is likely irritated with many of the snakes he had to meet with.


Also, most in that room feel that gaining their UN positions was just them winning the lottery. They’re there for the graft. 🤨. Trump is surely not fooled. ☺️


What does that clown Wilbur (asleep behind Pompeo) contribute? I still can’t get over him telling furloughed Gov’t employees to go get loans. This from a multi millionaire!


Oh.. I guess Pompeo is not the buddy Trump thought he’d be…. F U Mike


I watched this speech yesterday and thought it was strange how Trump was giving out an incredibly powerful message but, he was being so guarded, dare I say almost boring, about it at the same time. As the camera panned around the assembly, I thought, “Gee, Mandy should do a reading of those people!” Now they were really interesting! I missed the woman sleeping but, I did see the bimbo from Venezuela pretending to read what looked like a children’s book. Overall, I sensed a whole lot of bad vibes in that room. No wonder Trump was being so guarded! As far as his leaning into the right, I can only add that’s where Melania was sitting.

The one thing that stood out for me most was the delegation from the UK. I know the guy with the pin is a BoJo ally but, the two guys behind him caught my attention. I got the distinct impression they were smirking about a private joke, insider knowledge. No, it wasn’t about any trade deal, it was about how Trump thinks he is going to work well with BoJo. Later, I read that the UK Supreme Court declared BoJo acted “unlawfully” when he suspended Parliament. A big victory for the Remainers who are now calling for BoJo to step down as PM. I don’t know if those two guys are Remainers but, it did look like that to me, anyway. Maybe Mr. No Name can weigh in here about that?


Ugh, Boris is suffering the same torment as Donald Trump because he is standing up for and speaking for the people. The British government is full of convicted criminals (most crimes are fraud-related) and I really don’t understand why these MPs are allowed to actively stand up and say “the people made the wrong choice we can’t leave and we won’t let you leave” disgusting. They should be taken out like the dictators they are.


At least the MPs are blaming “the people” and not voter fraud or Russia!, Russia!, Russia!, and wasting years and millions of tax dollars on a lie they made up. But still, those MPs are just as disgusting.


This is the very first time I have watched this speech and I was almost jaw droppingly shocked…. the UN would typically never let a speech like this happened.
The audience must have been stunned or they have known all along Trump was talking like this behind the scenes.

How can Greta’s speech be going viral when this one is more empowering? This is a rhetorical question btw

Sebastien Prosper

LOL! I didnt notice the lady sleeping in the back. What in the hell is going on? LMAO, she must have a lot of allies in that room

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