Body Language – Trump, Obrien & Iran

Body Language - Trump, Obrien & Iran

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Though this was not a prime example, I just love how Trump has checkmated the fake news jackals by forcing them to ask questions over the top of whirling blades and jet engines and does not allow their ugly mugs to be shown on TV after the circus created by ringmaster Acosta. Genius. I laugh like crazy every time he pretends he can’t hear and forces one of the shrieking harpies to repeat the question. Don’t think for a minute that most of the deep state would not love a war with Iran. Wars make it easier for them to move money in their direction. I don’t trust Graham. He was way too chummy with Huma “Muslim Brotherhood” Abedin at his blackmailer’s funeral.

Linda Wilson

Please do Body language on the mind controlled 16yr old Climate advocate who gave dirty looks to Trump.


It looked to me that Trump’s right arm was almost as stiff as O’Brien’s right arm from the get go. Wondering if it was mirroring or was there something to the right of them they weren’t comfortable with?
The thing that gave me hope, more than O’Brien not being buds with Pompeo, was that this is the first time I can recall that Pres. Trump came close to acknowledging that he is wise to Sen. Graham. While I am happy Lindsey did a 180 after his sidekick was dead and gone, I can’t help but be suspicious about that complete turn around. What’s he really up to with that? It was a relief to see that Trump may well be suspicious of him, too.


Dastardly. I like that word. Reminds me of old cartoons. Glad you liked Obrien. He does appear professional and respectful… (a good name too). Hope he proves a wise & trustworthy replacement. I liked seeing him relax too, a match made in heaven lol. You must hear this a lot – you’re very funny. Love a good sense of humour and a giggle. Cheers. Hope all the fam is well. PS – If possible, could you do a vid on Max Bernier, Leader of the PPC in Canada? 🍁 Federal election coming up. Thanks Mandy.

Gen. Stewart

Morning Mandy ! Hope all is well with baby and crew. O’brien must be coming from military ? He used the fraze “Briefed up”. Knowing how many of the past administration have been sleepers in the deep state bureaucrat lineup. I don’t care if Trump has to replace these people every week. Set them up with covert testing and kick their ass out if they even show a sign of nonsupport. I for one am sick of this shit with subversives.It wouldn’t do for me to be in charge. These people would be meeting with accidents.

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