Body Language – Michael Horowitz IG Report


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Ashamed or not, I’m glad he was ethical enough to do his job. I’m hopeful many more will be prosecuted as people in high ranking political and government offices seems to be found guilty of wrong doing but never pay a cost or see any penalty. At least not a typical American citizen would. I’m also hopeful Bill Barr stays steady and that the judge reviewing for criminality (I forget his name) will, no matter his personal feelings, seek all criminal charges applicable on all he deems guilty! All! Once people in these high ranking offices and positions are finally held accountable by actually serving time, the American people might be able to rebuild trust in the leaders of our country and maybe it will also open wide the eyes of the American voter so that we may see past all the pandering and “BS” laid out in front of us! Hence, making us hold the people we vote for accountable before we vote for them.

Eileen Guthrie

DC is actually a small community, so I’m not at all surprised, because DC is a liberal fishbowl and everyone in the intelligence and the legal community all know one another, some even attended the same university and a lot of these deep state rats went to Georgetown. I’m also not surprised that hardly any of the House committee members didn’t bothered to show up for this hearing, and from the looks of it, it appears to be that many of the democrats seem to be missing from the House Intelligence Committee. Gee, I wonder why? From the looks of it, even the committee chair, Adam Shiffless is one of those who appears to be missing. I believe there are 15 people on the committee and only 6 bothered to show up. What a pathetic excuse for a Representatives. I’m totally disgusted with these inept and incompetent politicians that won’t perform their jobs. It’s time for The People to give these sorry asses their walking papers. UNBELIEVABLE!

Gen. Stewart

They had the wrong people confront him(Horowitz). Congressman should have said”yes or no”answers,once he saw Horowitz was wishy washy. I’m sick to my soul watching these people in authority destroy our nation just to save face. I’m to the point now where we should make public examples out of them . Public hangings would be a good example to the rest of the filth !


Your sigh at the end says it all, Mandy.


By setting up and engaging in prosecutorial misconduct in the prosecution of Flynn, Papadopoulis and others, Weissmann (Muellers puppet master) has inadvertantly increased public awareness of a prosecutorial double standard in the swamp. As criminal referrals mount with no action, pressure may increase on Barr to the point that he either must convene a grand jury and start indicting people or turn the matter over to military intelligence for investigation of a seditious conspiracy. Pressure from the public and alternative media must intensify for this to happen. That is why I am choosing to be optimistic/proactive by writing weekly to the AG, the White House, and sending the same form letter to my three good-for-nothing congressional representatives every week, along with trying to educate those I come into contact with in a manner they can tolerate. If I end up wasting my time, so be it. I’m retired and have the time, I intend to keep fighting at the level necessary. Some have bigger voices. You can’t fight if you give up.


As bad as that camera guy was I think he was really trying to get a good face shot for you Mandy…. 🤔😂

Same day same s#&€ in the swamp. Will only believe things will change when you can see the change.


Hi Mandy, What you said about Horowitz’s report (and shame) grabbed me… “Wonder if this will taint future investigations knowing that people may actually be prosecuted if I write this…” Right on point. The pressure is mounting. The level of corruption being unravelled requires a level of integrity that fewer and fewer ppl have. If those like Horowitz give up we’re in serious trouble. Everywhere, laws are being treated with derision. Justice has already been tossed out in the trash IMO. To the corrupt, the laws don’t apply to them. Just everyone else and without mercy. And when you have hypocrisy in the Law, you have Lawlessness.


I agree, Horowitz is the deep state sheriff, knows’m all and hates to harm’m. For anyone to be referred for indictment, they’ve got to be super dirty, while lots of’m get a pass. Will POTUS make a move after the election?


Thanks for the confirmation about Horowitz. How much longer do we have to endure Swamp Speak kabuki theater? Obviously any form of the word “lie” is never used in Swamp Speak IF, and only IF, it’s about Swamp Creatures being liars, telling lie after lie. Can’t even dignify it by calling it bs anymore, since bull dung is at least useful as fertilizer for growing food.

Diane Hering

Mandy, you always see things that I just never would have picked up on…and then it makes perfect sense. Kudos once again!

Question for anyone; for some reason, cspan did not broadcast this hearing, nor did they make it available in their archives. Could someone kindly provide a link if they have one.


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