Body Language – Jean-Claude Juncker Confident Brexit Will Happen


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Woot 🤗
Always enjoy these livestream classes!


I’d love to join you but, my computer doesn’t have a microphone or a camera, so I cannot access that.
On a happier note, I am looking forward to the new psycho tutorial.


I have done it on my phone if that is of any help


Of all the complex issues, they always seem to come back to the Irish border. Having been across that border multiple times, I can’t see a big surface level issue involved other than people who may live on one side and work on the other. Due to that and Juncker’s hiding about it, it makes me highly suspicious that perhaps the EU wants to maintain an open border as a ratline for the entry of drugs and other contraband from the EU to the UK after Brexit.

Gen. Stewart

If it were in my power ,the only deal I would give them ,is a Moab in the great EU meeting room.


I agree but, GOMF3602 is right. The bad problem is with the border between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland. What makes matters worse, from what I’ve been reading in the Irish Times, is that the people in NI want to remain in the EU (arrrgh!!!). So, with NI still not reunited with Ireland, the border issue is difficult to resolve to anyone’s satisfaction.

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