Body Language – John Bercow Resignation As Speaker


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Deacon Steve

I keep waiting for him to say “Ma-wage. Ma-wage is what brings us together today.”

Deacon Steve

I wish I could have posted the image of the priest on The Princess Bride.

By the way, thanks Mandy for your videos. I like listening to your analysis of the peoples behaviors and tells during those moments in their lives.


It is kind of fun to watch the puppets of the deep state world wide decompensate as patriots attempt to take their freedom back. Angry, lecturing, unhinged elitists display simlar body language and words, regardless of nation of origin. Thanks to all of those who explained what on earth this joker was talking about. The US has no monopoly on blowhards.

Gen. Stewart

Thank You,Mandy ! How’s baby ? You should be returning to normalcy by now with sleep and everyday living matters. Hope everyone is well. Hubby should be excited about the Johnson Farage collaboration. I’m excited for Jolly Old England/Wales/Scotland.I’m sure Trump and Johnson will announce some HUGE fantastic trade deal,just to help collapse the EU. Crack On grin


All is well! they are all excited for Johnson. Cant blame them as we here in the states are excited about Trump!

Gen. Stewart

Why is he packing it in ? Has he got a part in the new Harry Potter movie ? They should have given him a comb ,as a going away present. He,Boris Johnson(who I like)and others I’ve seen do not look professional. How can you take someone serious when they look like they’ve just got out of bed. These people need Nigel Farage !


Does anyone in the British Parliament own a comb? And what about this dudes tie, it looks like he should be making balloon animals at a 5 year old’s birthday party instead of addressing the House of Commons. ;o)

Nik Mellough

Bizarrely, the true upper class in Britain don’t seem to give a damn about their appearance. The scruffier they are, the more self assured they seem to be. The wealthier, the scruffier. Just look at Rory Stewart before and during the leadership contest, he looked like he’d been ransacked by a dildo in a gorilla costume.

Lorcan Sparrowhawk

Why should a man use hair products? Why should anyone else use hair products. An Englishman’s hair can be quite fine. We actually snigger looking at the groomed American politicians with whitened teeth and sculpted hair. Plastic faces, plastic people as sign of narcissism. Real people’s appearance is affected by their life and work, Americans seem to want to freeze everything in place and just look like a plastic action figure.


He is disliked by the Tories because he has shown himself not to be neutral and very controversial during his tenure. He’s a pompous,bullying, bombastic little runt too…most on the right will be delighted to see the back of him and so will I , and I am being polite. He will be remebered for all the wrong reasons.

sky captain

I think his point was that HE would be the experienced person for the time between Oct 21 and 31.


yes… I missed the timing lol . he is going to make them pay


Well, that was a clear analysis, Mandy. But, almost from the beginning, I got lost in an Abbott & Costello routine. (Maybe it was that tie?) Who’s on first? Which party was laughing and why? What’s on second? What’s the plan that was so obvious to the people laughing? There’s obviously some kind of Brexit strategy in play. I don’t know… THIRD BASE!!! Can someone please enlighten me? I’m so confused.


I don’t know is on third




The speaker has alot of power, and he has been breaking rules to allow votes to delay brexit etc, the laughing and cheering was from the labour side because he said he would not stand down until October the 31st, Britain is set to leave the eu on 29th of October, so the speaker is saying he will stay on for just enough time to try and stop brexit.
The lesson is he going to teach is to the prime minister who does not have a majority in parliament and everyone is blocking new elections.


Thanks for that Brendan.


Third Base! Got it! Thank you so much for that explanation. I have a sudden urge to load up on popcorn to watch the rest of the show.


I guess that the Deputy Speaker is the one he has in mind to replace him. In the short term that has to be correct.


I don’t know what to make of his resignation considering I recently watched an interview with him and he loves this job. I mean really lives this job.

What is it? 10 yrs?

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