Body Language – Boris Johnson Brexit Extension

Body Language - Boris Johnson Brexit Extension

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Why did you ask for a User Name when I signed up and then post my full name when I commented?


I was going through my subscriptions on Youtube and noticed they shut you down.
I looked you up and subscribed. I was just banned from Twitter.
They are trying to shut down any debate. If they can’t brainwash you, they shut you down.
Check out Tim Pool too.


there was an article recently, that stated. the panic is that the narrative is now being controlled by non elites and that is the problem. not nessarily the narrative. you never know how unfree you are until you do something you didnt know you were not allowed to do.


Don’t look now but the communists have infiltrated their way into every major institution in the world.
They have created SJW’s in the classrooms right under our noses who do their bidding. All is done in the court of public opinion.
Trump 2020! The good news is, they are being exposed at an exponential rate.


Yes that police woman did look like she was going to pass out or be sick… good save by her…

The people’s revolt will be huge and Corbyn will no longer be leader of his party. Corbyn will never go to an early election because this is his only moment to shine and it will never happen again.

I am sure that police woman just felt sick because she feels like most of us in the world when we see the people we voted in destroy our ability to be independent and self govern.


My grandfather and his brothers warned against that communist back in the early eighties. corbyn has been an opportunist snake his whole life


Similarly by my UK family too. “Corbyn has been an opportunistic snake his whole life”, spot on. Thanks for analyzing this one Mandy. I’m rather enjoying (Mr No Guff) Boris lol… BTW, What does Mr No Name think of him lol?


Boris can do no wrong in his eyes smile

Gen. Stewart

Our Politicians have screwed us for 100years ! Both my grandfathers survived WW1. My Father and two uncles(Mothers brothers) survived WW11. One of them shot down over Germany,lost a leg and spent two years in a German prison Camp. Both MacArthur and Patton said we fought the wrong people. They discredited MacArthur and murdered Patton ! My Great grandMother lived to be 98. My GrandMother100. My Mother is 91. All of them raised us to know the truth. Told us of the riots in the streets of America leading up to WW11 and what would happen in the future. I have watched what they were preparing us for develop my entire life !


Sad so many have forgotten the past


I lived in Britain between 1961-1965 (my parents returned briefly). That was when Labor (Labour) had the country by the throat and would go on strike for extortion. Example: The Longshoremen used to steal whole sides of beef and considered them ‘perquisites’. When they were stopped they went on Strike. The Transportation Unions went on ‘Sympathy’ Strikes and forced the whole country to a halt, and so on. Maggie Thatcher (the Iron Lady) broke that strangle hold. Ready for this one?…Workmen on my parents house were helping themselves to my parents property. When I stopped them, one threatened me (an ELEVEN YEAR OLD) with a STRIKE!!!


Many forgot. By the 1970’s most were deliberately never informed or educated about history in the first place. Have to wonder if that’s what happened in Ireland, too. It boggles my mind that those people actually want to remain on the EU plantation. Either they forgot or they were never taught their history.


Three years ago, I had to substitute teach a seventh grade history class for a couple of weeks. It just so happened that they were on WWII. The textbook was so full of inaccurate information and distorted/slanted in favor of political correctness that it was vomit-inducing. One would conclude from the text that the war was won solely by Rosie the riveter, The Navaho Code Talkers and the Tuskegee Airmen, and that the Nazis and the Americans were morally equivalent due to the Holocaust and the Japanese Internment. No mention of the fact that American industry played a major role (other than Rosie) and that the Russians suffered more casualties than all other nations combined. When the teacher returned and we co-taught for continuity, I realized that she was completely confused about the Vichy French government and thought France was part of the Axis powers. It is worse than you know!


Indoctrination. They’re rewriting history openly to sculpt their narrative.


Whoa! You’ve got great genes, General! What’s this about “riots in the streets” here leading up to WWII? Is that why FDR in one of his “chats” said, “Your sons will never go to war.”?


Quite possibly pregnant. She is of prime gestating age.

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