Body Language – James Mattis, Call Sign Chaos


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Let’s not forget Mattis was the “liberal” favorite and an insider. The military promote only yes-men to positions of authority—never those that challenge the establishment. In fact, all field grade and general officers must attend various courses at the National War College which is staffed by globalist professors (many from Georgetown University). That’s why you never will see another Patton or MacArthur again in the military.
Though sold to the public as a “warrior monk,” Mattis offered no alternative to America’s failing wars. According to retired Army officer, Danny Sjursen, when he decided his conscience no longer allowed him to stay in the Trump administration, his reason for leaving was that the president had called for a reduction of troops in Afghanistan after 18 senseless years. What about, for instance the U.S.-backed Saudi blockade that starved at least 85,000 Yemeni children to death? He was fine with that. But a modest troop withdrawal from a losing 18-year-old war in landlocked Central Asia, that he couldn’t countenance.

Sorry, I’m not with you on that one.


Something to think about.

Ursula Leach

I love this man and also read up on some of his quotes and they are brilliant. Too bad that he and Trump had a disagreement, they make a great team.

Birgit Michael

Trump’s ego gets in the way in a lot of issues … sadly .

Ursula Leach

No it does not and it doesn’t have anything to do with ego but with what he is doing for America and he is doing a fantastic job. If he does need to point out that fact it is because of libturds, the radical left, the socialists in the dem party. He needs to toot his own horn because the leftist MSM does nothing but spread lies and fake news. I am glad he toots his own horn and tweets to us Americans because otherwise people would not know the truth


Maybe not a lot but it definitely does get in the way at times…. in fact all politicians have egos that get in the way at times.


I think every leader has an ego. It’s what makes them want the job.


Too often Generals aren’t ‘Soldiers’. They are Politicians. Colin Powell is just such an example. This gentleman IS a Soldier.

Birgit Michael

That would be the first one I know of. All I ever encountered were YES puppets and Politicians . The days of Smedley Butler , true men WHO OWN IT , are all but extinct, anywhere .

Gen. Stewart

I love this guy ! I was very upset when he was terminated. He is a man’s man.Raised in a man’s world ,by men that finish what they start. He came from a different time in history and social environment,where honor,dignity and self respect was worth more than money and fake titles. The military is a very demanding tightly structured undertaking,where personal failure is more fearful than the task. There are always factors behind the scene that an onlooker has no knowledge of. Let’s be thankful for men and women like this.The world’s need for them is never outdated. God Blessed America !

Well done.
… .. and a few others.
We thank you!
The Institute for International Law and Democratic Affairs

Gen. Stewart

Don’t really know what to make of you ! Loved the song, music and who wouldn’t love to stop endless wars. Unfortunately as long as humans are in need,no matter what it is,there will be one taking from another. “A SOFT TREASON” ? Looking at your picture and seeing your age it would seem that you should have grown out of a youthful fantasy. I am an old man and have watched the cancer of communism develop in California and metastasize on the left coast. Oregon is known Nationally as a refuge for old commies,antifa and others that is undermining our culture and subverting our republic.

Ursula Leach

Does not compute with Mattis and this interview, or comments on the body language


Class act. Glad you like him too. He understands the number one principle of leadership, particularly of people working in dangerous environments: the minute you lose touch with those who are on the front lines is the same minute you lose effectiveness as a leader.

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