Body Language – G7 Stressful 2019


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Brilliant and hilarious as usual. Love listening to you Mandy!


Yes, they are all uncomfortable because Donald Trump called them all out as he should have. Few if not all of them aren’t paying their fair share for defense and on top of that some of them are doing business with our enemies. And some of them impose tariffs on US goods. I would be very nervous if I were them.


“My list of credible news is slowly dwindling down to nothing” – Sad and true.
As a Canadian, I triple-cringe when I see or hear him. I hope he gets the boot next month.
Your analysis of Mnuchin, so right and funny… Grrreeeat lol. Good night.

Michael Kedik

Mandy, I ‘m a grateful watcher for a few years now. Your voice is great.


I think the President needs a nice relaxing vacation.


Hello Mandy, it’s so nice to me to finally be a part of your priceless work. I´ve been follow and waiting for every new video to come up since a few years now. I’m from Chilean Patagonia, and i would like you to know that your work is so important for anyone that seeks some truth out of this world: I´m really happy and thankfull for your work (or service i might say).
I would like to make a request, if i may: Greta Thunberg, in the World Economic Forum in Davos, ‘Our house is on fire’.
Thank you so much, hope you the best.


merkel seems like she has been neutralized


pretty sure Kudlow said, “the VIBES were good” not “the vodka was good”


great analysis Mandy!


I thought Kudlow said “the vibes were good”.


Your very thorough coverage of most of the world leaders and negotiators illustrates a very stark divergence of philosophy. Fundamentally two schools of thought- those who believe in appeasing evildoers, surrendering their sovereignty, and allowing their countries to be overrun and their culture destroyed by jihad through migration versus those who want to defeat and contain evil, maintain sovereignty and culture and negotiate in their national interest. The stress is much higher when the two belief systems are forced to deal with each other. My read is that the globalists know they are on the losing side. At least Merkel did not go into one of her trembling fits-maybe that is why she almost had herself twisted into a spherical shape on the edge of that chair. Well done, Mandy!


Mandy, I was subbed to your original YT Channel Bombard’s Body Language. I was shocked when you were gone, but I just recently found your new channel, glad you’re still online. I just found this site too and I just made an account. I just watched your G7 video, and then I found this full coverage of the whole thing from RT and I gotta say it explains A LOT of what you analyzed… But it isn’t any less worrying:


The media is focusing on a millisecond of footage between Melania and that faggot Trudy, but it’s the rest of it that people should be paying attention to. Shit might be heating up.

Again, glad you’re still online and i subbed to your Ghost channel.


It had to be stressful for the EU leaders. They’re afraid their union is about to fall apart and their economy isn’t doing so well now that Trump is forcing each of them to pony up their fair share. The happy leader in the room was Boris Johnson and Trump seemed relieved to have a genuine ally there. The fact that BoJo won election on the grounds of getting his country to hell out of the EU signals to other European nations that nationalism is now possible again and the notion is catching on with the people they thought they had under their thumbs. Trump ruined their dreams/delusions of world domination.

Glad you did this one, Mandy. It was a good lesson for me. Just one thing… vodka? LOL! Kudlow said the “vibes” were good, not the vodka! But, it is possible that vodka was readily available, too, since the EU leaders needed something to calm their nerves.


I think Macron was talking about Iran. But what was that move?… Macron jerking his head right back after he said crisis? That’s when you can hear Macron mentioned Iran. Thanks Mandy.
PS – I think Macron pulled a fast one pushing the Iran issue and really pissed off Trump. Trump’s trying to restrain himself with the pushy little French Fry. No love lost there.


the way i see it. i think the EU believes they have Trump in a pickle with China. they just dont get it.


I agree. Thanks again & Good night.

Dawn Brown

I agree..As for Macron..I just dont like or trust him one bit. Hes a snake

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