Body Language – Political Espionage CEO Patrick Byrne


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I don’t understand why people who have such explosive & damning information do not write everything down, put it all on video, allow themselves to be interrogated by their attorney (or attorneys) on video, & then put all of that in a secure vault with multiple copies of everything in various places around the world with instructions that the information was to be put on blast to the world immediately should anything happen to you. That way, it wouldn’t do anyone any good to “suicide” you. The information with all of the evidence will still get out. The perpetrators are not safe just because you’re dead.

barbara jewell

i hope nothing happens to him.

Jonathan Smelko

Thanks Great Job

frank papandrea

He got orders??? What orders? To date this woman? Why? I get calls to date women and I hang up. Hey Martha his about asking the important questions

frank papandrea

Does anyone understand WTF he did, talking about, what the Russian woman did cause the men in black are blackmailing Hillary, they are honorable but subverting the government?

Ursula Leach

He better watch out that he won’t be suicided by the Clinton Mafia. He should write a book and put everything on tape and put it in a bank safe or hand it to Barr, before anything happens to him. Maybe he has some protection because he already spilled the beans but I am not counting on it.
I had sent Mandy an email about this interview. I am not sure if she followed up on that or if she had found this one herself but I am happy that she did this video. Thanks Mandy.
This is better than any spy novel.


Of all the stuff to come out lately, this to me smells of a legit smoking gun. Great analysis!


It was interesting to see someone who’s so animated and open. Helpful in learning body language. I too hope he’s safe but I think he’s already talked to the important people so an arkancide may be closing the barn door after the horse escapes. I liked how she stopped talking and let him open up. Even on FOX you can see them ask leading questions to get The answers they want. She did try to do that. It was easy at first because of the way he talks, to think he’s just a boaster that wants attention. Thank you for doing this.

Bob bradley

I’ve never seen anything like this. Someone naming names.


This is a video of P Byrne showing his ability of Memorization and or Photographic memory. I saw either or because I didn’t see the complete setup to how the cards were arranged. Either way it took very excellent memory skills. Why do I say that, because he could have arranged the cards in a way that he had already memorized and then handed them to the person.

I have seen some very excellent card tricks that are very similar to this, and the key word is “tricks”.

Also the fact he went to Warren Buffett for advice is troubling. Mr. Buffet had an interesting footnote in 9-11. When Bush was flying around the country after the event, he landed in Omaha and it is presumed he meet Buffett at this Time.

He also claims Hillary was a “target” that does not fit most of the information we have. However it does fit, if one accepts their was also a WHITE HAT operation inside the IC that was operating to make sure she did not take office. I personally believe that this true.

He also says several things that appear to not fit the known (as we only can see from what is available).

Also note this might be another attempt at opening the “MUh Russia” Trump crap again.

And the part where he began a Romantic relationship with the Russian operative, well don’t think that was just an accident on both parties. Red sparrow.


I wonder how Buffet feels about being brought into the story? So the Feds first went broad in preparation to focus on the eventual presidential winner, first for control, then morphing into an all out attack. My god, I pray AG Barr has the strength and health to see this through. XYZ were in the Obama admin. Clapper was one of them, who was X? Thanks for getting into it.


You’re right it does look like business as usual. His side kick was kinda creepy and scared. Something going on there.


Looked all over the media this morning to see any follow up to this-glad you did this, Mandy. Saw it live and thought exactly the same thing about risk of Arkancide. The comment at the end about Comey soiling his drawers was, I suspect, more than he intended to say- (cross border run to country with no extradition treaty), unless he told Durham in advance that he was going public and that is part of the plan. I also looked for deepcapture and got an error message. Then found out he was successfully sued for defamation for articles published there, which may be why it is down. The comment on blackmailing Hillary Clinton was the most interesting part to me. How do you blackmail somebody? Who had the Weiner laptop? I think this is going to get real interesting if this guy survives. Barr should give him a room in his house.


Sundance just posted a really terrific overview on his Conservative Treehouse site this morning. Excerpt: “From the operational description of Mr. Patrick Byrne it would appear Ms. Butina was used by the FBI to “dirty-up” political targets, opening them up for surveillance.” He laid it all out there and noted that Byrne has revealed that Z is James Comey. Mandy may well be over the target with Susan Rice. Check it out:


Has anyone tried to access Byrne’s I made a few attempts after watching this fascinating analysis but, with no success. What’s up with that?

Ursula Leach

I tried too the day the interview aired but couldn’t get anywhere. Probably too many people trying to get there at the same time. It worked today. Try it again


I went there this morning and got in. It probably just had too much traffic before. Should be an interesting thing to check in the days to come!


Thank you, Ursula and annielaurie! Your replies are appreciated! I just now checked it out and it seems to be a site about financial things. But, Byrne did address the interview in a new post and said he’s working on putting together a statement about it over this weekend. Thanks again to both of you.

Gen. Stewart

Thank God ! I’ve finally seen someone that tells the truth. The bookies in Vegas are already making odds on his government approved Arkancide date.


Oh. This is good.
When all of this comes out officially it will destroy people mentally.

I think the term I heard was it will create political cognitive dissonance.

They will possibly need to reopen mental institutions!

Trump derangement syndrome on steroids

Birgit Michael

I don’t think a 100 nutfarms could hold all of them, personally I think they are possessed with demons


I agree, they’ve gone evil.

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