Body Language – AG Barr Epstein Case Update


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Cindy Lou

This country has now descended into lawlessness. There’s zero respect for the rule of law. None

frank papandrea

Everyone involved with this case is guilty. He is covering it up.


What if… Barr is not such a good actor. He knows he’s not forthcoming with the truth. But this is a long game, and maybe it’s necessary to appear weak to allow the enemy to be confident and show their hand? It took a long long time to get to where we are now concerning the global cabal.

Gen. Stewart

The guy standing next to Barr is Texas senator John Cornyn. A real piece of shit ! Go to Numbers USA and look at his record on immigration. He sold out to his big business donors years ago.(look at the commities he sits on ) Encouraging illegals to break our laws by coming over the border to facilitate big business with cheap labor. 50% of construction workers in Texas are Illegals. FACT ! All he is doing in this,is a Photo Opp. He’s up for reelection !


Amazing how the more things change in the Swamp, the more things stay the same. It looked to me like the guy looking over Barr’s shoulder was there to make sure Barr stuck to the script. I can’t help but wonder who wrote the script and is giving orders to Barr.

How depressing it is to know the two tier system of justice isn’t even scheduled to be put on life support, as we had hoped Barr would do. Sadly, it is still alive, apparently thriving, and continues to kick law abiding people to the curb, regardless of who the AG is, while the elite continue to add “Deplorables” to their basket and laugh.


I’m so disappointed; I admit I’d gotten my hopes up a little. Hopefully he won’t cave on getting other issues to see the light of day.


My feeling on AG Barr is that he knows so much that he’s about ready to burst! I can’t even imagine the things that he’s seen and knows about. My sense of things is that when he took the job he had no idea that things were as bad as they are. I have a lot of faith in this man.

Tudor City Lady

I think AG bar knows exactly how badd things were going to be and how badd things are I think he holds things very close to the vest when he needs to and I think that he has enough guts to let it rip when it needs to be said. He is forthright I do not think he will sell his soul to in Justice.


AG Barr, the boss of the US penal system, looks as if he knows he’s got a tremendous, corrupted mess on his hands, no?


He looked like Trump looked when they had to drop bombs because of those “chemical attacks”

You just pray that something is going on behind the scenes to bring down the deep state traitors.

frank papandrea

nothing is going to happen in this case

Dawn Brown

I agree too..that left me very uneasy about him as I watched and listened to you speak.This isnt the same as he was before.I dont know if Id call it a lack of confidence as as much as Id call it a lack of conviction in what he was saying.Im not saying he’s lying but he isnt being at all forthright




I agree. After seeing your past post on A.G. Barr and comparing them he seems very different. Not as sure of himself, i.e. stressed. Lack of confidence in what he’s saying i.e. less eye contact. His body stiffness is noticeable.


Its sad… i go back to what i said in the very first video i did of him…. ” i dont see him being there for more than 2 years.”


How stiff was his body? Could lay him flat and use him as an ironing board!

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