Body Language – Whitaker Epstein Update..


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There are hundreds of Deep State connected politicians and enforcers that had a lot to fear if pedophile facilitator Jeffrey Epstein was allowed to speak openly in court about his “honey trap” blackmail and corruption operation on behalf of the Deep State. He told his lawyers he would be willing to “name names” in order to get a lighter sentence. That inclination signed his death warrant. Epstein was finally killed (Three weeks ago, an attempt was made on Epstein’s life by his criminal roommate at the NY Metro, Correction Center (MCC), and made to look like a suicide.) in a similar manner with damage to his neck, again made to look like a suicide. The trouble is, there was nothing high enough in Epstein’s cell for a 6 foot tall male to actually hang from.


i can remember from memory that the body of a young woman was found on the queen estate in the uk, prince Andrew was close to Epstein. the British establishments tried to paint her as a drug addicted wild child, so that people would be less sympathetic


Imagine how surprised Epstein was that he was committing suicide.


You are right on the money, Mandy. Most institutional ligature suicides are by asphixiation rater than bones being broken. If it turns out that the hall cameras were not functional. I will be even more suspicious that this was homicide. Every place I worked, if a hall camera was not working, sop would be to post staff in that hall. It will also be interesting to find out what kind of lock system was in use. Most places now have electronic systems that are tracked, but also have a standard cell door key that is manual. It might be possible that any guard in the building could have got in there and with no camera, undetected. Guards do not make a lot of money-just sayin’.


As soon as he said “…we learn new facts”, I got the feeling he was going into bs mode. Seems to me these “new facts” are just the latest things to be skewed for public gullibility. You can bs all of the people some of the time. You can bs some of the people all of the time. But, you can’t bs all of the people all of the time. This is the time for the latter. I doubt anybody is going to be satisfied when this is finally over. Next?

Eric Kowalski

It seems to me Whitaker knows far more than he is legally able to let on. Every time he stutters there is a bit of rapid blinking associated with it. My guess is William Barr is keeping Whitaker in the loop to help piece together evidence from his time as AG

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