Body Language – Bill de Blasio


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The 3rd-grade math required to master Das Kapital has nothing to do with the truth based statements made in this interview.
Damn Kapitalist!
Thank You, … From: This simple
US Cavalry Black Horse Veteran
The Institute for International Law and Democratic Affairs


Great analysis Mandy, had to laugh observing your precise slow-mo’s, they really showed what a scumbag this guy is!


He is working hard (and succeeding) at making NYC a third world city.


He looked like a real bully… but a bully with power that has used this to intimidate those around him.

I think he gets away with it… makes me wonder if he has people around him that enforce his opinion


My dog stepped on the remote and changed the channel. I bowed to her higher intelligence.


oh hail the K9 superiority!


One of the many things that makes this guy unlikeable is that , I’m smarter than you but just shut up and listen and I’ll educate you. He also has the Bernie poke at you to emphasize his points but he keeps a cheshire cat smile on his face. Bernie looks like the parent who just caught his daughter in the bedroom with a boy.


It was hard to get through this on TV. I was struck immediately how De Blasio kept leaning in like aggressively. Thanks for this analysis.


Thanks, Mandy, for covering this. I only lasted about three minutes into the interview and was so disgusted by how slimy, evasive and creepy this guy is, that I switched to a ball game. Hopefully, when he sees his ratings, Hannity will realize that giving these psychopaths any attention is a waste of time. I honestly do not understand how creeps like this stooge get elected. Mass delusion/psychosis? Mass demonic possession? Gladly I do not live in New York, nor will I ever go there.


Did you ever see the movie “Gangs of New York”? The ethnic groups have multiplied but, the mentality is the same as back during the time in the film, regardless of income levels. That’s why elections go the way they do. BTW, I live less than a 20 minute drive away from there and have avoided NYC for 30 years and counting. It used to be a best place to have a great time but, no more.


I know, I lived two blocks north of the Chicago city limits for 28 years and now live 30 miles away from that hellhole. Even talking to smart people there, it is almost like they are in a trance state and oblivious to the actions of the misery dealers they keep electing into office. The names and faces change, but the evil and corruption seem to have a life of their own.

Gen. Stewart

I felt terrible for Nonna ! until I read yours.


crying XD Chi and NY were wonderful places to be back in the days when we were younger. Great night clubs, theaters, museums, restaurants, etc., etc. Those days are gone, so no need to be there anymore.

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