Body Language – Barr, Rosenstein Relationship


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Thank You!


Seems like Rosenstein did some good deeds after all:


He really gives me hope that Bill, Hillary, and the rest of the gang may some day be brought to justice. You can’t shake him and he’s so confident. And I too really like this guy.


I suspect that part of the reason he is so relaxed is because, like the President, he did not have to do this job and is only serving to right wrongs that have been committed by many who have already been fired and await the Justice he is going to bring to them. There is a certain calm that goes along with doing a job only because you want to and not because you have to for a variety of reasons. I also strongly suspect that Rosenstein flipped on his co-conspirators once he realized the jig was up and agreed to stay around to provide cover for Barr’s “no obstruction” decision in exchange for some degree of leniency. Barr knows full well the atrocities that have been committed by Mueller, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, Weissmann, Lynch, Holder, Clinton and Obama, along with their underlings. Those of us who are impatient for justice are going to have to realize that we are on Barr’s timetable. The millstone of Justice grinds very slow, but once it starts, it grinds very fine as well. Hope we see the results soon.


I’m not so confident that the millstone will grind all that fine. It’s like a world championship chess match. The first to go down will be the pawns (mainstream media and lackeys), then the more versatile pieces (such the useful idiots in Congress, etc.). But, I have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that in the end the queen and king will be spared and Svengali will keep advising and financing them. There’s a reason things have taken such an ugly turn. Now they are fomenting actual civil war, when the ONLY reason for it is to save their own necks from the hangman’s rope. But, I really do hope you’re right and I’m wrong.

Gen. Stewart

Rosenstein looks like a beady eyed little mouse.Sneaky ,petty little mouse.


I just want to know where he is that there’s a fire going, he’s wearing a long-sleeve shirt, and a vest-jacket! It’s balmy hot here in NC! 🥵

Glad Barr feels like he has a handle on everything. Helps me feel a little better.

Gen. Stewart

Barr was in Alaska.


Thank you. smile


Bar shows his confidence because he is that secure in his knowledge of the law. Whatever details he has about the whole fiasco, which have yet to be made public, he doesn’t have a problem applying the correct law, whatever the outcome may be. There’s a lot of hidden knowledge about the investigations (and about the vile mischief outside of the scope of the investigations) living there in his head. I think that comforts him for reasons we have yet to learn. I can only hope that justice for the law abiding, US Constitution loving, American citizens finally wins out in the end.


you and me both!


Barr gives me the impression of being generally chilled & unruffled. I dig the guy.

Cheryl Cooper

I really like that guy!


He is very relaxed!


He said why he is relaxed at the end:

Everybody dies.

He has real wisdom.

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