Body Language – Peter Schiff Bitcoin Rebuttal


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Ohhhh those comments from Schiff. I never got the conclusions he accuses Mandy of making. I got that he’s a salesman who sees no value in BitCoin, has seen evidence to the contrary, and is uncomfortable debating the value, NOT what he accuses Mandy of saying.

Tom Adkins

This guy helped create the real estate crisis 10 years ago, by going on TV 10 times a day claiming real estate prices were falling everywhere.
It was a lie.
How do I know? I was on the other side of the TV screen, telling everyone it was a self-fulfilling prophesy.
He reminded everyone if you buy gold, you will be safe.
And whaddaya know? His company sells gold… for a small fee.
Meanwhile… Gold is down 40%. Real estate is up 40%.
But Schiff made his money when all the suckers bought gold through his company.


Doubt if he watched the whole thing, since his accusation lacked any substance. Just tell him to make sure he pays his taxes (bio on Wiki).

Freckle Juice

Totally hoping you’ll hold a grudge and binge analyze Schiff videos now. 😬


i dont hold grudges…i just dont like being called a liar. i may speculate wrong but my analysis are good.


Don’t undersell yourself. Your analyses are great!

Michael Jones

When you are over the target ………🤣🇺🇸 nice job. Crypto currency has one goal and one goal ONLY to turn off your money supply at will. NO OTHER USE FOR IT.


Right at the start my first thought was, “Oooh.. You hit a nerve, Mandy.” I’ve been following you long enough to know you’re the real deal. Keep up the good work.


Mandy, really, you *must* stop calling out these hypocrites, lol. wink Love it when they try to bite back and discredit what you say. Only reinforces the veracity of what you say, IMHO. smile

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