Body Language – Greg Coppola Google Software Engineer


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Laura Harrington

its a pleasure to listen to your analyses. Thank you! I, like Cheryl C, hope this young man soars to great heights in his future career!


Good for him. I think he’ll be just fine. I’m sure there are more that feel like him but are afraid. I think that after the election we’ll be seeing A LOT more of this.


I don’t think he is that much of a rare bird by supporting Trump. Rare though in the fact that he is admitting it.

Cindy Lou

I wonder when google started to outsource their tech. When did they start replacing American employees with India low wagers. That would be your answer as to why.


Interesting subject and good analysis. Since the chair is being discussed in some of the comments here, maybe Mandy could give us her take on in? I don’t know but, could it be that he felt cradled in that tight chair, giving him a bit of emotional comfort that helped him to speak openly?

Gen. Stewart

I wish they would have had a comfortable chair for him. Little tight chair. He was making the “confident V with his hands. Would have liked to have seen him be able to spread his legs when he did that. This guys body really sings. Good confidence in what he was saying. Good eye contact. They went to far ,when they tried to corrupt his belief system. Anyone that dedicates their life to a subject that drives them to obtain a PHD,is a creature of that environment. I say BRAVO to this guy ! He didn’t betray himself.


He looks so uncomfortable. That’s the first thing I saw – He’s a big dude. But they’ve crammed a big guy into a little chair, especially for his size. Awkward. No getting comfortable here. Not good, let alone for an interview like this.

Gen. Stewart

Thank You for pointing that out. I am going to contact Veritas and ask that they change that.


Hopefully he will get some whistleblower protection and a good lawyer-(I know, probably an oxymoron) who will work for a piece of the settlement for wrongful termination.


This guy must have a very lucrative job offer somewhere and he’s just looking for an excuse to take it, if he doesn’t he’s going to be hating life if he has to remain at Google.

Cheryl Cooper

So lucrative job offer is the only reason he is here? Have you no faith in the decency of some of mankind?


Ummm….Actually, no I don’t.


This is what you get as the first hit on Google searching his name:

I imagine he’s playing the exit strategy, possibly using this interview as a “interview video” for the next employer, and/or already has another employment lined up or self employment.

Further body language I see is holding onto the chair arms like getting ready for a roller coaster ride, denoting nervousness confirmation.

And, look at the public outpouring of support for his gofundme account:


That’s pretty much what I got from watching it.

Cheryl Cooper

A person who cannot accept this bias and actually has a sense of honor thank GOD! Hope he goes far in life without this job.


I concur!

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