Body Language – Boris Johnson PM Vs Jeremy Corbyn


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Mandy, this is by far my favorite video so far. I love watching an action packed, rousing discussion. You hardly ever see this in our own government. You were spot on again! Thank you.


Corbyn is happy to see the destruction of England and will do his level best to see that happen. He counts the Irish Republican Army as his best friends. The Labour Party under him espoused an Anti Semitic platform, and that cost Labour a huge chunk of votes. He is the stuff that crawls out of the sewers in the dark of night.


Definitely lot more to see when the two sides are facing one another than in congress where they are all facing forward. Spot on that Corbyn has the body language of a coward. Zero eye contact and looking down. The Brits need to invest in some new lecterns that are higher and slant up or Bojo is going to look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame by the time he leaves office.


I see nothings changed. I like how they always set a date and it never happens. They are fun to watch though.

Gen. Stewart

Hoping all is well with the baby and family. Do those people have combs ? The Speaker,johnson and Corbyn look as tho they just got out of bed ? Who is the wormy little coward with the red book and wearing glasses ? It didn’t take him long to bailout(3:50)as soon as johnson got up to speak. He spent the entire time with his hand over his mouth,legs crossed and wiggling his foot. Johnson needs to move some of his people around for a stronger support system. The people of England is squandering their opportunity of using Farage ! Farage has proven himself over the course of many years to be a hard charging fearless intellectually superior individual.


Boris doesnt really have a strong support system behind him. Sad since the opposition is that strong either. But in watching BRits, the culture is one of nervous energy, and tact.

Donna Procher

Two small points:
In the parliamentary system the question or point by the member of parliament is framed not to the opponent but to the Speaker of the House, hence the frequent insertion of “Mr. Speaker” during a point or question. This is why the members of parliament speaking are frequently turning their heads to acknowledge the Speaker of the House.

The “wormy little coward” is Jacob Rees-Mogg, actually, the antithesis of a “coward.” He is a longtime committed Brexiteer, endorsed Bojo for leadership, and is one of his strongest supporters. BoJo named him Leader of the House of Commons.

Rees-Mogg is often viewed as having a posh accent, upper class mannerisms (Eton, Oxford), and a strong sense of tact, which were evident. Having said that, his record is impressive. And, this is his first time in the cabinet, so there may be nerves.


Boris (a.k.a. BoJo) always seems to have a lot of nervous energy, as opposed to simply being nervous. He reminds me of Pres. Trump, with all that energy, and I keep seeing this Ben Garrison cartoon in my head: LOL

As an American, it took me a while to understand why Brexit isn’t so cut and dry and why a “deal” would actually be a good thing. I think where you see all that body language at about the 10 minute mark in the video, is about Northern Ireland. The guy with the pointy ears is definitely reacting to BoJo about the Irish question. Which brings me to Corbyn.

I could be totally wrong about this but, I see Jeremy Corbyn as the quintessential leftist who only pretends to be concerned about the downtrodden (in this case the Irish) but, whose real goal is to keep them (and the UK) on the EU Plantation.

It will be interesting to see what’s in the deal BoJo comes up with. Thanks for doing this one, Mandy.

Gen. Stewart

Good read.. !00%


Honestly Nonna, Mr Corbyn changes his moral stance like he changes his pants. He follows the money and in the meantime tries to appease people and look like a good person by supporting the popular movements that people shout the loudest about, he is trying to be a hipster. He is a creepy little man.
He is so obvious about it as well, which shocks me as to why so many young people voted for his obvious inauthenticity when he said he would pull rainbows and unicorns from his rectum. He is as disingenuous and would have been as bad for the UK as Tony Blair.


I don’t know much at all about Corbyn, so I thank you for that insight, Ameows (I love cats!). I do know that Corbyn cozied up to Sinn Fein (the political wing of the IRA). It makes me so sad that the Irish seem to have forgotten their own history and most especially their poet warriors who fought and died for long sought freedom for Ireland. Apparently, they’ve even forgotten their Gaelic language, since Sinn Fein translates into: Ourselves Alone! Good grief! How far the IRA and Sinn Fein have strayed from their origins!


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