Body Language – Mueller Cognition In Congress


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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First, thank you for breaking down all of these segments, Mandy! Secondly, was that a brief smile that crossed Mueller’s face during his greeting to Rep. Nadler that dropped when speaking the other names? 🤔


I noticed this too! What was more interesting about it was how he tried to squelch it almost immediately after making the expression.


Yep. It was very fleeting!

Ursula Leach

Brilliant. I am learning a lot from you and since I started watching your vids I am watching people I interact with.

Gen. Stewart

Thank you ! I didn’t fall for his act,while watching in real time. When he was replying to democrat questions,he was fast and clear with his reply while sitting up straight. When responding to the republicans he was slow,confused and stuttering. My first impression was that he was running the clock out but over the course of time and the stark difference between his answers to differing parties.It was clear to me at least that he was Over Acting. I don’t give a damn about their dog and pony shows.It offends me to the point of rage ! I’m tired of the insult. I want to see action,prosecutions and stiff penalties !

Roland Thompson

Agreed! Time for some traitors heads to roll.


Agreed, its like watching paint dry or high school musical!

Gen. Stewart

High school musical…Ho, The inhumanity …reeeeeeeee

Roland Thompson

“I know Honey, I know I am supposed to be retired. But don’t worry I have a plan and once I get done testifying today we can go on that trip to Fiji….No, No I am quite sure no one will ever bother me or call on me again.” Mrs Mueller pondered for a moment then called the travel agent, booked tickets and began to pack.

Gen. Stewart

And then ? A citizen catches his ass on the street……THE END !


What we saw here was Mueller’s Last Stand – and trust me, that is what it was! There are also some military and political parallels to previous military last stands with this last stand. I can get into that if requested by Mandy. But I have some questions for her, because I’m trying to learn. I have Asperger’s Syndrome. So Mandy is going to know that my natural abilities to read people aren’t so good. Mueller was ordered into an indefensible position, which a man who is also a combat veteran and marine officer as well as a lawyer would see and would protest to the hilt. He didn’t want to testify and we all know that. My questions are these: Why would Mueller be so stressed out about this if he saw this coming? If he knew that he was going to be overrun by the enemy regardless of what he said, why stress over it if the outcome can already be seen? Or was he truly shocked or surprised? Can you tell the difference? If I were in his position, I would be beyond caring. I would just go with the flow. There comes a point in time where the inevitable is undeniable and a vast majority of people in that situation don’t care after that point. Do you see where I’m coming from?


i see what you are saying Jim. Problem is, I think he is now just trying to not go down with the sinking ship.

Gen. Stewart

When you’re given the choice of “You better sale this OR ELSE “, you’ve still got skin in the game. If you sale,it’s back to the country club.If you don’t sale ? One side gives up the dirt on you and the other side prosecutes .


Was Barr’s decision to reinstate the federal death penalty a coincidence?

Mueller is another Swamp Creature trying to save his butt. His performance when he first got to the table looked rehearsed. I believe this is because Mueller knows Mifsud has been talking to Durham. According to Joe DiGenova, it’s going to get a lot worse for Mueller because of the info Mifsud is revealing or has already revealed to Durham and to Horowitz. People who talked to IG Horowitz previously are now suddenly rushing back to amend what they said before.


Gen. Stewart

What is the reason for the deletion of your video ?


Deletion? It’s still there, for now, anyway. Try it again, Gen. Stewart. It wouldn’t surprise me if YouTube does take it down, though.


Just click on the above video. It is there

Cheryl Cooper

I bought it and felt sorry for him. If this was a planned act that is more pure evil.


My mum is 78 and sharp as a tac!
My mum can pull a stunt of changing the subject like the previous one never existed…. now she is older people think it is crazy talk but in fact it is an artform perfected. It is only now that she is 78 that some think it is dementia but in reality if she does not want to discuss a topic she won’t!

Muller switched from smart as a tac to borderline dementia too quick. Once you get an early onset dementia patient that starts to get confused on a subject they get very distressed… they could not sit for 1hr of grilling in a public setting like this let alone 7hrs.

And yer… what is it with that hang your mouth open breathing thing?

Dawn Brown

I cant thank you enough Mandy..this tells me exactly what I wanted to know..He’s not “lost” he’s in portrayal..funny how that “rhymes” with betrayal thinking


Great work, Mandy. He is not frail or impaired. He’d knew exactly what they were trying to do-set congress up to impeach in order to hide the illegal activities of the entire Obama administration, which was weaponized against political enemies and American citizens. He only looked confused when questioned because Weissmann wrote the report and did the investigation. I doubt if he even read the whole thing. Look out, [Bob], because there is a big boomerang headed for your neck with a big T on it for Treason. The next two months are going to be fun, starting next week.


I hope the trials begin…but none of them are running yet


Still more changes needed in the IC-Coats out?-Perhaps Wray? Durham interview with Mifsud. He spent 12 hours with Steele already. Then a Grand Jury, some declass from Barr and the IG Report, which will include the rogue warrantless surveillance of the White House by [Comey] putting Anthony Ferrante in there to spy. Though we would all love to see mass arrests and trials right away, my hunch is that this information will come out gradually to prevent civil unrest. The big tunas will be filleted with perfect timing for the election. Thanks again for your latest series-you really chose some revealing segments!


He’s good and I’m sure he all his friends behind him are replaying this and still laughing their asses off. Sad what we’ve come to.


It’s a circus! Thank you Mandy for reading these proceedings for us. I’m so glad others are finally getting to see these liars for what they really are. I think the only reason they stay in office is because people nowdays are too busy with their heads glued to those smart phones and how many likes they can get for their postings. Every where I go, that’s the majority of what I see. We’d all have better people in office if they’d get off those phones for a while and listen to what the candidates are doing before they pop in and vote, then post a cheery “I Voted 😁 “


I agree about Mueller’s faculties. I believe his actions were kind of an act. I don’t think he’s as lost as he made himself out to be. I DO think that he did not write the “Mueller” report.


It is becoming public knowledge that he did not. Weismann did. Mueller supposedly left his phone in Trumps office after the meeting for the “interview”. Now it gets interesting. ROSENSTEIN may have pulled off something. Mueller says it was not an interview for the job. This may be true. Mueller thought he was there to discuss the details of what a good director should be or do, not applying. Rosenstein, did he tell Trump that he was applying, and he told Mueller that he was just there to help in the process.

It is a deep rabbit hole, counter intelligence is a very complicated game. SomeTimes “fun” someTimes not so much because it is not a game in the end, and the stakes in this current game are very high.

Mueller imo is in portrayal, and I “Mandy” countered the argument at the “tree”. However the Portrayal HELPED in the case to end this sham. Mueller will not see Jail Time. Mueller in the end we hope turned away from the “dark”. and became light again.

It only takes a small amount of light to illuminate a great expanse of darkness.

Be careful of the “tree” its roots may not be what you think. TAke the research and use it. What they believe is the answer may be “false”.

Why was MI 6 involved in this? Any thoughts on that Mr anon.

Mueller’s “perfomance helped end this, as did the his ending of the report.

I hope Doc is right.

and yea I have notice this site is hosted in another “Time” zone. I can guess which one.

Circus, lol, sorta, the Circus is slang for another intelligence agency. and yea they are involved. Just who were those contractors in the redactions. and MIFSUD not MISFUD. just a normal professor,

no matter what happens, I predict, it will be settled not in the courts.

take that for what it is.

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