Body Language – Matt Gaetz, Gohmert, McClintock Vs Mueller


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What a beautiful gift and baby!


To be sworn in has no meaning anymore. They’re all just trying to cover each other shit pile. Thanks for doing these.
And such a beautiful baby.

Mike G

“The Stash” did not look happy about his pupil’s performance… love to get quick a follow up on HIM!
Another great breakdown (pun very much intended)…

Oh, was that Iran Awan’s big brother behind & to our right of The Stash?


It could just be me, but Mueller looked haunted throughout, caught with his pants down,. The mess he oversaw and produced will define Mueller’s legacy. Indirectly, Trump has wrecked another one.
Gateway Pundit acknowledged your work:


What a beautiful baby!


I can’t get your video to play

Gen. Stewart

LMAO ! I love you,we are alot alike ! You don’t suffer fools.have no time for political correctness and disgusted by injustice. You rhetorically asked how these people stay in office. Because they all have dirt on each other and if you want to stay in power you go was the flow. They (Democrats) have his involvement in the uranium deal. So,they rollout this dried up old dog turd before sending him out to pasture,in an attempt to prolong this Coup. I’m sick and tired of the media using the term Hoax ! This is not a Hoax ! This is a Coup ! I am an old man,but I refuse to die before I see these sonofabitches hung.


I believe that the reason the Clintons have gotten away with so much for so long is that they used their 8 years at the White House to gather all the dirt on everyone.


Andrew D. Goldstein and James L. Quarles III have some fascinating looks.


This was hard to watch with all the stuttering/stammering. Thank you Mandy for the analysis of his body language.


No, I didn’t see this photo of Pippa. She looks so sweet! Thank you.


Your sweet Pippa looks like your mini-me, Mandy! 💜


she is definitely my mini me grin


Was he sworn in? All these lies!


That’s why he put on the senile act. He and Trump are about the same age. Senior moments happen to the best of us (as I well know) but, this looked like an act to me.

Pippa is so beautiful!!!! Thank you for posting her photos with the lovely crocheted blanket & hat… and that stunning pink & white dress is fit for a little princess!

Gen. Stewart

I would prosecute him until he had a stroke,bankrupt him like he did Gen. Flynn. Never let them sleep !


I am so pleased it arrived safely. Pippa is adorable and that hat might even do another year!


Lovely Cat. Very skilful and thoughtful smile


Oh my. Now this is a cute baby! Look at those beautiful eyes! She looks so inquisitive. Rhys, maybe she already knows body language and is watching you. 😆 “I think I have Daddy’s number. I’ll wrap him around my finger. “

Gen. Stewart

That picture has made my day ! Beautiful innocent child ! I get a feeling as tho god is looking back at me.


Wow, what a cutie.

Mitzi Cole

Awwww, look at that face and those eyes! Just precious!


Pippa is a beautiful child-great work and very thoughtful, Cat!


So cute it’s comical.


So much for the smoking gun the Democrats were hoping for. This guy struck me as being deceptive too, good job Bombard!

Cheryl Cooper

Good report!

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