Body Language – Jim Jordan Vs Bob Mueller Congress


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Jordan is a BEAST!


Mandy, Joseph Mifsud is someone you will probably want do a body language analysis on in the coming months (if he doesn’t get himself suicided beforehand). His name is pronounced “miff-sood”, as in: “If she gets miffed, he gets sued.” He is the vital key to the truth finally coming out in this entire story! If Mifsud is talking to Barr & Co., then all hell is going break loose in the the Deep State Swamp. I won’t hold my breath but, we just might finally see a bit of actual justice prevail.

Notice how Mueller refused say for which side this alleged double agent was really working? Even the DNC tried to find Mifsud a year or so ago, with no luck, so they concluded he was dead (read into that whatever you want). But, Mifsud is alive and was hiding out in Italy. I think our guys got hold of him and are questioning him now. Remember that name, Mandy.

Eric Kowalski

Oh wow, my video (not the exact video, but the same topic) got chosen or one was already in the works. Either which way I am glad to see this


Hold on, can we get the body language of the guy in the top right who is bobbing up and down and looks like they might be on drugs. He is cracking me up.
0:40 – 0.41 you see him bob the first time.


This is the holy grail analysis of body language. Superb and riveting. More please!


Mandy- Who are the two guys flanking Mr. Mustache? Are they related–very similar looks. Older one looks distressed much of the time and the younger one has a different expression. The man behind Mustache, with the dark hair, seems almost happy at times. Wish we could find out who these people are and what their relationship is to Mueller. Looking forward to more tomorrow; I find Mueller puzzling and can’t figure out why he’s there; what is the purpose?


Most likely they were Mueller’s handlers. I’m pretty sure the stocky guy was the extra “attorney/witness” Clinton hired. Mueller was called in there by the Demwits who thought they could get him say something they could blow up and use to impeach foty fi. Their plan not only backfired, it blew up in their faces.


Thank you for the clarification, Rho. I don’t remember seeing the Clinton attorney, then.


When specific sentences are mentioned, Mueller looks at the ‘Report’ like he has never seen it before. I believe he was in this position to lend some credibility to the whole set up.


A lot of people are skeptical whether Mueller even wrote the report. What do you think?


Mueller looks at the report like he has never seen it before.


I think Mueller was there in name only to give the Witch Hunt credibility but, imo the actual goings on were conducted by Andrew Weissman.

frank papandrea

Mueller knows, that Barr knows, that Mueller has been setting up all the people in the investigation, allowing them to run it, and allowing them to dig a deeper and deeper grave and sending any incriminating info to the IG and Barr. It’s what the smirk and head bow is about. It is a”yes”, a don’t worry, you are correct and it’s gonna hit the fan and a lot of people sitting around me are gonna hate me real soon, He is a real soldier and not the fool everyone thought he was yesterday. What an act.

frank papandrea

At some point a slight smile comes over Mueller as he realizes Jim is on the money. The guys behind him were more interested in this line of questioning than any other. They are running the show, along with others.

I believe Mueller realized the setup of Trump and as a good American Prosecutor allowed “his team” to proceed and they keep digging their grave deeper and deeper and may also be helping Barr and others in their prosecution.


Pretty clear to me why assistant attorney was added at the last minute. Either Mueller is completely incompetent or a terrible liar!


Bald attorney on Mueller’s left becomes very uncomfortable anytime there is a challenge and especially right about the time Barr is mentioned and Mustache attorney give pretty big sniff at the moment also.


I read George Papadopoulos’ book and granted, its his account of events. That being said, I found it very creditable and the actions and the statements described line up, in with the very limited public record, that we have available to us.

George worked at the Hudson Institute as an intern and then later secured a job in London with the London Center for International Law Practice, which appears to be a front company for some government or governments. Whether you like it or not, think tanks, adviser and other policy wonks, have international contacts and make money leveraging influence and power to achieve their ends, welcome to the real world.

If you read George’s book, “Deep State Target”, you will see how various governments attempted to infiltrate the Trump Campaign and entrap various people into doing the wrong thing(s). No one took the bait and everyone has been charge with lying over calendar dates or other minor things, besides Paul Manafort’s tax problems, there are no real crimes here.

I highly recommend that all Americans read George’s book, “Deep State Target” and Sidney Powell’s book, “Licensed to Lie” which details government misconduct in the Justice Department.

I enjoy your videos, but you are wrong in your characterization of George Papadopoulos in my humble opinion.


I read both and I agree. George fully admits that he was very eager to make contacts and develop a career and somewhat opportunistic as an “operator”. The foreign intel people took full advantage of this and his book is the most clear explanation of how these individuals were set up by FBI/CIA in conjunction with The Five EY spooks and probably Italian intel that I have read so far. In particular, the story about the Israeli who gave him 10,000 in cash, arousing his suspicion and causing him to leave the money in Greece, and then a squad of FBI arrested him at the airport and were totally pissed when they did not find the cash in his luggage, shows how corrupt and coordinated this coup was. He would have been set up for a long sentence, and encouraged to testify and implicate the President. I also recommend both books to anyone who wants to understand this whole mess. This is the biggest scandal of my lifetime, and I lived through all the assassinations of the 60’s as well as Watergate. We are just at the beginning stages of the truth coming out.


I think we are looking at the prune-like face of an aging sociopath who got caught. If you look at the totality of his career, he has railroaded people who are not guilty into prison and protected murderers like Whitey Bulger in order to get intel on others. He was used as a figurehead by the Obama-Brennan-Clapper-Lynch-Comey-Clinton cabal to provide cover for the poster boy of prosecutorial misconduct, Andrew Weissman, who has a lenghty history of inventing crimes and making up statutes. I think the additional stress and defiance in response to Jordan’s questions about Mifsud, Halper, and Downer is because he knows they have it all and the jig is up. Deep state teed up for a good whack. Hopefully we will see som real justice soon.

Gen. Stewart

I watched the entire account on C-Span. Who is Mr. Mustard with the white mustache ? I saw him moving his hands and facial expressions toward the Democratic side of the isle several times throughout the dog and pony show. Mueller/Deep State/Democrats achieved their objective of prolonging the investigation in order to take the house back. They obstructed the 2018 elections more so than the Russians and NOT A DAMN ONE OF THEM WILL BE PROSECUTED !

Romo Shovel

Thank you for your work

Try Kulla

I gotta disagree with the bit at 6.52, Mueller hides it well but his whole face drops when he hears Bill Barr. This was a good watch smile


Nothing… you summed it up really well.
Could be he is resigned to the fight he is going to go through or he thinks he did nothing wrong because this is what they do every day to ordinary Americans.


There is another angle to this. Mueller is a former Marine/army trained Ranger. Out of School (ranger) he was sent to Vietnam as a LT in charge of a squad. As a green of the chopper the men on the ground were worried about his leadership. He actually according to them performed well. Was decorated with a Bronze Star with a V I recall and a purple heart for a severe wound in this thigh, but kept fighting and lead his squad.

(Not sure about back then, but currently their are 2 Ranger designations to my knowledge. One is passing the test and curriculum and becoming a Ranger. Then there are those that go beyond that and become more what is called a Special OP Ranger so to speak. I think with the Time frame Mueller was a basic Ranger.

Mueller also went to school and played hockey and LaCrosse with non other than John Kerry at the same school. (now of course one has to wonder if they were “recruited”, because rich kids back then mostly did not volunteer.

Now with that background I will link to a video by Dr. Pieczenik from about 3 months ago. There is a video of body language done on Dr. P here. Side note Dr. P is the model for Jack Ryan in the books. He is the real deal and a browse of his wiki page shows his history of coups, and mor. Including the take down of Nixon ( he has done a video on why)(Nixon had dementia or was going insane and they did it to perform a peaceful transisition for the country). Having lived through that and watching it closely at the Time, I recall a sudden shift toward removal, and sudden stories appearing in the paper that Nixon was wandering the WH at night talking to the former Presidents paintings on the walls.

Here is the link Dr. P did discussing Muellers shutting down of the investigation. At the Time I was not sure about what he was saying. Mueller is not a good dude, his involvement in Uranium 1 9-11 and more reveal that. However his service makes a big difference in their world, and perhaps he had a change of heart, ala Goering.


Dr. P has stated he is working as the “voice” for an intelligence operation that started before the election to prevent Hillary Clinton’s election. I personally believe such a “group” does exist and still exists. Why I believe that I can not go into. I am not a part of that group. I like many others have worked to expose the deep state for a long Time, lets say they gave me a gift. THIS IS NOT Q BS. Q in my opinion is pure disinfo.


I find this fascinating… I actually feel really sorry for Muller…. what a disgraceful way to end your career, being forced to partake in such a farce. He teally did look like a sad old man at times struggling to understand what he wrote.

I have watched several reports from respectful people talking about Mulluer not being the right choice due to health concerns… but then again if he didn’t wtite the whole report then maybe he is the perfect choice!

I hope we get a chance to talk about this in class this week!


The whole time I was watching this live I kept thinking “I can’t wait to hear what Bombards has to say about Mueller’s body language” and sure enough here it is, I enjoyed it.

Tudor City Lady

I just knew there was more! smile

Romo Shovel

Me Too

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